MioWORK A100


Introducing the new 5.88" touch screen tablet with integrated Opticon barcode reader from MioWORK™. The A100 devices have a IP54 water and dust rating and are drop resistant from a one metre distance.

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The scanning capability makes the products suitable for use within the Retail POS sector, warehouses and for delivery drivers.

The A100 includes 8GB internal memory, with up to 6 hours battery life and a 5-point sunlight-readable capacitive touch screen. These devices also come with dual cameras, microSD expansion and a powerful Samsung 1Ghz processor.

For maximum flexibility, the A100 uses the new standard in mobile computing, Android™ 4.0 making them fast, reliable and open, with data transferable to existing systems through Wi-Fi and BT3.0 + EDR integration.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
5262N4060014 Mio MioWORK A100 tablet pc 5262N4060014
5262N4060016 Mio MioWORK A100 tablet pc 5262N4060016
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
5420027523439 Handheld Accessories Stylus Mio 5420027523439 handheld stylus
5413N4060002 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Mio 5413N4060002 handheld cradle dock base
5413N4060003 Cables USB Cables Mio 5413N4060003
5413N4060004 Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Mio 5413N4060004 handheld vehicle charger cable
5413N4360002 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Mio 5413N4360002 handheld cradle dock base
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MEUW60001123 Mio MEUW60001123 handheld service
MEUW60001134 Mio MEUW60001134 handheld service
MEUW60001145 Mio MEUW60001145 handheld service
MEUW60001156 Mio MEUW60001156 handheld service

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