Apex Axcess 6000 Automated Locker Systems


Individual compartment control for reusable assets, tools and calibrated instruments

Apex automated storage and dispensing systems provide secure accountability for reusable assets and consumable products, ensuring your team has exactly what they need, when and where they need it 24/7. Flexible configurations are tailored to fit your needs accommodating various sized and shaped items such as supplies, stock kits, PPE, parts, tools, handheld assets and more. Single & multiple item dispensing, book-out/book-in, loan periods, asset management, and self-service automated order pick-up/dropbox are all possible with the Apex Axcess Automated Locker Systems.


Choose from a Variety of Flexible Configurations


Axcess 6000 System

Axcess 6100 System

Axcess 6500 System

Axcess 6800 System

Individual compartment control for reusable assets and self-service automated order pickup/will call items; available in 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36 door solutions. Shallow-depth, short to tall lockers ideal for managing reusable assets like hand-held scanners, radios, tools and instruments with 24/7 visibility into who’s using devices and tools, and where; available in 9, 12, 18, and 24 door solutions.  Versatile configurations combine the individual compartment control of the Axcess 6000 system with Apex patented sensor technology; available in 18, 21, 24, and 27 door solutions. Automated lockers designed to deliver rugged outdoor versatility and 24/7 will-call and pickup, check-out/check-in, and self-service dispensing convenience; available in 11 and 23 door solutions.

Standard & Custom door colour combinations available


  • Secure Access
    Control access based on job roles, departments, work orders and more
  • Versatile Configurations
    Choose from 4 heights and any 3- and 6-door compartment combination to create your ideal dispensing solution
  • Enhanced Product Visibility
    Clear doors and bright interior lighting encourage quick, accurate item selection
  • Supports a Wide Range of User ID
    Choose from barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity cards or keypad entry
  • Keep Devices Charged
    Compartments can be wired to recharge devices so they’re always ready to work


Individual compartment control for reusable assets, tools and calibrated instrumentsSecure check-out and check-in

High-cost scanners, radios, tools and diagnostic equipment can be checked out, their usage recorded, and checked back in. You will always know when an item has been checked out, and when it was returned.


Automate alerts for service and loan periods

Set loan periods for various users and devices, and receive notifications when items are overdue.


Protect calibrated tools and instruments

Automate maintenance, service and calibration notifications to ensure they’re always working at peak performance. Maintain time-stamped documentation of service and calibration records for quality certification programmes.

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Part No. Category Sub Category Description
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