TSL 1153 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

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One of the only wearable RFID readers on the market, the TSL 1153 reader is small and easy to carry while maintaining a read range of up to 6.5 feet.

The new 1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader is designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF transponders and communicate with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology. The RFID reader chipset is optimized for low power consumption whilst still providing excellent performance in a small and convenient form factor. The Wearable UHF RFID Reader includes class leading high performance 2D barcode data scanning to bring unparalleled data collection capabilities to connected devices.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The 1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader is compatible with Bluetooth® enabled host devices including enterprise handhelds, consumer phones, touchscreen MP3 players, tablets and PCs. The 1153 will bring UHF RFID scanning to devices running a broad range of Operating Systems including iOS, Android™ and Windows.


  • High performance Bluetooth multi-modal data capture.
  • Hardware platform and OS Independent.
  • High performance barcode scanning.
  • Platform independent UHF RFID reader.


Max Read Distance:

Up to 2 m (6.5 ft)


2D Imager (Optional)

Antenna Type:

Circularly Polarized

Power Source:

Removable, rechargeable 3.7 volt battery


0.157 kg (0.346 lbs)

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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