Primary Transition Point RFID Fixed Reader/Antenna


Track Inventory as it Moves Through Your Main Entry/Exit Points

When inventory moves in or out of your facility through receiving and entry/exit points, you need to know which direction it is traveling to understand where it is headed to better track location or prevent theft.

Industry use:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management

Ready-to-Use All-In-One Integrated Reader/Antenna

Everything you need is already integrated inside the housing, pre-configured and ready to go — reader and antenna. Just suspend from the ceiling or mount on a wall for fast and easy deployment.

Modular Mix-and-Match Reader/Antenna Combinations

Pair Zebra’s advanced FX7500 fixed RFID reader with a pre-engineered ready-to-use antenna designed to meet specific needs in challenging areas — such as backrooms and warehouse aisles where metal, fluorescent lights and more can create interference to aisles and will-call areas that require very tight read ranges.

Plug-and-Play Simple Deployment

Deployment couldn’t be easier. All solutions in this family offer everything you need, including an advanced RFID reader, a pre-configured antenna, plus support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Just mount the hardware in the appropriate area, plug it in and you’re ready to start capturing information about your on-the-move inventory.

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