The Zebra RZ600 has been discontinued. There is no direct replacement available. Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Features include:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Graphic LCD
  • Increased efficiency and high output
  • Multiple interfaces and secure connectivity

The Zebra RZ 600 is a rugged metal metallic printer and encoder that is meant for managing RFID compliant logistical initiatives of companies all over the world. The Zebra UHF RZ 600 is a combination of 6” wide label printing/encoding, sturdy frame with reliable output and flexibility in options needed in applications like supply chain and business improvement in manufacturing and business environments. It meets the EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-06C) standards of compliance and has an advanced range of RFID power settings that can cater to the current RFID tags while being equipped to handle future RFID protocols. Its benefits like price performance leadership, greater productivity, multiple connectivity choices and multi-lingual font support all make the RZ 600 ideal for retail, supply chain, shipping, warehousing and healthcare industries.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
RZ600-200E-000R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-200E-000R1
RZ600-200E-010R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-200E-010R1
RZ600-200E-040R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-200E-040R1
RZ600-200E-510R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-200E-510R1
RZ600-300E-000R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-000R1
RZ600-300E-010R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-010R1
RZ600-300E-040R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-040R1
RZ600-300E-050R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-050R1
RZ600-300E-150R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-150R1
RZ600-300E-500R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-500R1
RZ600-300E-510R1 Zebra RZ600 rfid printer RZ600-300E-510R1
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
38902 Printer Accessories Cleaning Sets Zebra 38902 printer cleaning set
79808 Printer Accessories Upgrade Kits Zebra 79808 printer upgrade kit
79836 Printer Accessories Cutters/Rewinders/Peelers Zebra 79836 printer media handling module
79842 Printer Accessories Cutters/Rewinders/Peelers Zebra 79842 printer media handling module
120182G-001 Printer Accessories Miscellaneous Zebra 120182G-001 printer accessory
29651-006M Printer Accessories Connectivity Accessories Zebra 29651-006M printer connectivity accessory
79803M Printer Accessories Print Heads Zebra 79803M print head
79832M Printer Accessories Cutters/Rewinders/Peelers Zebra 79832M printer media handling module
G47490 Printer Accessories Connectivity Accessories Zebra G47490 printer connectivity accessory
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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