Features include:

  • Equipped with a fully integrated ThingMagic UHF RFID Reader/Encoder
  • Track good unusable labels
  • XML enabled printing
  • RFID calibration with automatic program position selection for optimal transponder placement


This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by Zebra ZT610 RFID Industrial Label Printer

The Zebra R110xi is based on the tried and tested XiIII Plus and besides being durable, it offers printing flexibility in the most rigorous and demanding work environments. As a barcode printer it offers all the features offered by the XiIII plus with the additional capability of printing RFID tags. Equipped with XML it allows seamless integration into enterprise systems, multiple power systems, statistics tracking, flexible inlay positioning besides providing detailed information on its front panel. It can be easily upgraded to support newer protocols and hence proves to be a secure investment.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
H12-70E-00003 Zebra R110Xi rfid printer H12-70E-00003
H12-70E-00203-1E Zebra R110xi rfid printer H12-70E-00203-1E
H12-7AE-00003 Zebra R110xi rfid printer H12-7AE-00003
H12-7AE-00203 Zebra R110Xi rfid printer H12-7AE-00203
H12-7AE-00204 Zebra R110Xi rfid printer H12-7AE-00204
H13-70E-00003 Zebra R110Xi rfid printer H13-70E-00003
H13-70E-00003-1E Zebra R110xi rfid printer H13-70E-00003-1E
H13-70E0020-31E Zebra R110xi rfid printer H13-70E0020-31E
H13-7AE-00003 Zebra R110Xi rfid printer H13-7AE-00003
H13-7AE-00010 Zebra R110xi rfid printer H13-7AE-00010
H13-7AE-00013 Zebra R110xi rfid printer H13-7AE-00013
H13-7AE-00103 Zebra R110Xi rfid printer H13-7AE-00103
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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