The retail mobile workstation allows retailers to expand their pay stations to include mobile pop-up shop applications. Retailers can also use this model to reduce queues by using it as an additional pay point when the shop floor is busy.

Retailers can now cut down queue lengths by implementing queue busting solutions using the Mobile Workstation.  It also allows the retailer to establish pop up stalls in their stores for promotions, presenting new products and running video product demonstration on large screens behind the demonstration.  The Mobile Workstation can be finished to meet corporate branding requirements including design shape and colouring.


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  • Queue busting eliminating long queues during peak times with mobile point of sale and queue busting applications.
  • A cost effective flexible alternative to fixed workstations.
  • Connects staff to critical information while on the move.
  • Removes the need for costly cable drops for power and Ethernet to fixed workstations.
  • Easily deployed and integrated into retail environment.
  • Increases productivity as workstations move with the staff as they perform their tasks.
  • Improves processes by reducing the need for staff to repeatedly return to fixed terminals to update information or print shelf edge or price mark down labels
  • No trip hazards from cables designed to be customer and child friendly
  • Increased productivity through reduction of human error and inventory accuracy.



  • Hot swappable battery model 24/7 availability/uptime.
  • Real time data capture providing accurate information to staff throughout the retail environment.
  • Multi-screen capabilities and twin screening applications.
  • Connects staff to critical information while on the move.



  • Universal access to information collected within the retail environment in real time.
  • Store operations: Stock replenishment using cart with full screen for store operations with a scanner and printer for stock inventory, shelf labelling and price mark down applications.
  • Mobile Epos: Flexible Epos or pop up shops.
  • In store promotion Mobile Workstation: Self powered promotion product stand and advertising solution.  Allowing product promotions with demonstration footage running on a large screen in the background.
  • Back door goods in: Instead of a fixed station inside the back door use a Mobile Workstation and bring your workstation to large goods and pallets that have been delivered allowing you to scan the items into your good in system.
  • Inventory management with goods in, using full screen ERP and scanning.
  • Perform operational training away from the live manufacturing environment
  • Print labels at the point of application from the ERP.
  • Run multiple applications on a full screen such as store operations, price mark down, shelf edge labelling, in-store ordering and online ordering.
  • Barcode label printing anything in the retail environment for shelf edge labels and price mark down labels.
  • Asset Management.
  • Traceability.
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
VID6-Retail VisionID VID6 Retail powered mobile workstation VID6-Retail
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
VID6-WARRANTY1 VisionID VID6-WARRANTY1 other service
VID6-WARRANTY4 VisionID VID6-WARRANTY4 other service

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