ID-3 Mobile Workstation


The ID-3 has been designed for environments who require a light weight solution but also want the benefit of a powered cart.

Built around our Kinetic power solution we can provide “state of the art” mobile power providing 80Wh, 160Wh or even 200Wh of power, all on a lightweight chassis.

ID-3 Powered Medical Cart

  • Multiple power configurations
  • Choice of Work surfaces
  • Can be configured with hot swap batteries
  • Optional built in LCD battery monitor
  • Optional night light system
  • Supports complete range of accessories

Maximise Uptime – Minimise frustration

The ID3 can support a wide range of screen sizes, and can also be used in dual screen mode.

Our Innovative battery technology, coupled with our DC configuration enables us to provide maximum power without the use of unstable or inefficient Inverter technology.

The intelligent inbuilt battery management system ensures that the batteries maximise their output whilst protecting themselves against mis-use. Information about the state of the battery is clearly displayed ensuring users can have the confidence that the cart will provide the required run times for the task at hand.

The whole system is also protected by a medical grade power supply, ensuring the system is completely safe to use, even when close to a patient!

When a failure is reported by a cart user, it can be very difficult to investigate the reason behind the failure. The real world result is that quite often a cart can be out of service for many days before an engineer arrives only to find out that either the PC has failed or more often, it is just flat batteries.

Our new Kinetic POD system completely removes this issue by allowing customers to carry spare PODs and swap them out themselves within minutes of a reported failure.

The replaced pod can then be replaced by Kinetic-ID as a failed device, or plugged in off the cart to re-charge and then be kept itself as a spare.

Accessories And Bolt Ons

The ID range from Kinetic-ID has been designed and built to be as flexible and modular as possible. Multiple mounting solutions, work surfaces, adjustment mechanisms and base designs provides a wide variety of configurations ensuring the cart is always fit for purpose.

The power to make a difference!

Kinetic Power is a modular medical grade battery system designed for use across the hospital environment. It can be fitted to new OR exiting computer carts, medical equipment, hospital beds or any other devices that could benefit from a modular standardized suite of battery solutions.

Range of accessories also available

Supports full range of Healthcare devices
















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