The general manufacturing mobile workstation solution can operate full-screen applications with ERP, MES, or WMS applications with printing and data capture through scanning or RFID while on the move using standard equipment.  

Along with the full-size screen applications such as SAP, workers can also operate MES and WMS solutions on full-screen applications while on the move in real time over WIFI on the mobile workstation solution.


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  • Increase Uptime using interchangeable batteries for 24/7 operations.
  • A cost effective flexible alternative to fixed workstations.
  • Connects staff to critical information while on the move.
  • Removes the need for costly cable drops for power and Ethernet to fixed workstations.
  • Easily deployed and integrated into existing infrastructure.
  • Increases productivity as workstations move with the staff as they perform their operational tasks.
  • Improves processes by reducing the need for staff to repeatedly return to fixed terminals to update information.
  • Sweating the asset - eliminates underutilised duplicated fixed workstations.
  • If the lines change the mobile work station is always reusable as flexible furniture.
  • No trip hazards from cables
  • Time saved as workers no longer need to walk to and from fixed terminals.
  • Easily deployed and integrated into a manufacturing infrastructure giving flexibility.



  • Multi-screen capabilities and twin screening applications.
  • Mobile computing with full screen ERP, printing, data capture via scanning or RFID on the move.
  • Wireless connectivity with real time data capture to back end systems such as MES and ERP anywhere within the facility.
  • MES, ERP, EBR and SOP while on the move.
  • EBR and SOP on twin screens over WIFI on the mobile workstation.
  • ERP, SAP and ORACLE operations on a large screen.
  • MES, CAMSTAR and WERUM operations on a large screen.
  • Real time data capture providing accurate information to staff throughout the facility.
  • Limitless configuration options due to the modular design.
  • Hot swappable battery model 24/7 availability/uptime.
  • Hassle free set-up bespoke turnkey solutions.
  • Ergonomic design.



  • Input data at the point of task using manual or automated data-capture.
  • Scan along the manufacturing line without any restrictions using our mobile workstation.
  • Print barcode labels anywhere in the facility as you go about your operational tasks.
  • Perform operational training away from the live manufacturing environment.
  • Print labels at the point of application from the ERP reducing mislabeling errors.
  • Asset Management.
  • Traceability.
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
VID6-Manufacturing VisionID VID6 Manufacturing powered mobile workstation VID6-Manufacturing
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
VID6-WARRANTY1 VisionID VID6-WARRANTY1 other service
VID6-WARRANTY4 VisionID VID6-WARRANTY4 other service

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