Features Include

  • Easy operation that anyone can master. Intuitive icons guide you through the soft-touch control panel and LCD screen. Cards and supplies are easy to load, and the ergonomically designed ribbon cartridge includes a drop-in cleaning roller.
  • Superb image quality for high-impact IDs. New TrueMatch printing Technology ensures vibrant colors and crisp, clean printing results. The high-fidelity printer driver uses the latest Microsoft XPS-based technologies to dramatically improve speed and image quality. Batch after batch, you get consistently great results from the first card to the last.
  • Reliable performance and superior speed. TruePick card handling accurately picks cards, standard and thin, every time with no adjustments — an industry exclusive. New precise printhead Technology increases overall production speeds.
  • All the right connections for easy setup. Built-in Ethernet and USB ports, and the browser-based Printer Manager, help you integrate the SD260 printer into just about any application or IT environment.
  • Engineered for Earth-friendly performance. The SD260 printer earned its ENERGY STAR qualifications by consuming far less electricity than its predecessors. With unique f

    Features such as biodegradable supply cores, recyclable materials and power-down button, the SD260 printer sets new benchmarks for environmentally responsible card printing.

There is nothing entry-level about the Datacard SD260 card printer. It is packed with industry-leading innovations that make desktop ID card printing simple and economical. The SD260 printer is ideal for anyone who prints ID cards as part of their busy workday. With its competitive features and price, the

SD260 printer is a great value. But its real value is that we thought of everything, so you will worry about nothing.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
535500-001 Datacard SD260 plastic card printer 535500-001
535500-002 Datacard SD260 plastic card printer 535500-002
535500-003 Datacard SD260 plastic card printer 535500-003
535500-004 Datacard SD260 plastic card printer 535500-004
535500-005 Datacard SD260 plastic card printer 535500-005
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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