Plastic Card Systems

Modern businesses rely on up-to-date information on both their staff and customers.

Keeping track of employee attendance and analysing customer spending are some of the best known examples of the use of a plastic card system but the benefits to all types of businesses are often underestimated.

If you are a:

  • Manufacturer eager to streamline the warehouse clock in/out process
  • Small retailer wishing to launch a customer loyalty scheme
  • Exhibition venue requiring a solution to tracking exhibitors and visitors alike
  • Training company who needs to comply with legislation regarding student attendance

…then a plastic card ID system provided by VisionID is the solution for you.

In fact, companies of all types are recognising the benefits of identity tracking and control. Businesses gain insight from knowing how their people and customers interact with it. This could be identifying trending products, establishing staff with attendance issues, or determining busy times where staffing requirements need to be increased.

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