The SB1-HC has been discontinued. There is no direct replacement. Please contact us for a suitable alternative.

This brand new category of mobile device is the smallest form factor yet to provide nurses and clinical staff with a core set of vital features that can improve patient safety and staff productivity. With a task management application, you can distribute personal dynamic task lists that keep staff focused on the right assignments.

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Bar code scanning helps streamline task execution and improve task accuracy, from equipment and building maintenance to inventory management and patient transport. And with push-to-talk, workers can easily get an instant answer to an urgent question. The result? A higher standard of care. More efficient staff. And a better patient experience.

Durable — built for everyday use

The SB1 is a true enterprise product, built to handle everyday use, including drops, spills, exposure to dust, heat and cold.

Easy to read — everywhere

The three-inch E Ink® Pearl display is easy to read in virtually every lighting condition.

Easy ‘touch’ navigation

Finger-style navigation eliminates the need for a stylus and supports a gloved hand.

Built for sharing — no need to assign devices

Workers can simply log in at the start of a shift to access their personal task list and messages.

Customizable bezel

Pick your color and add your logo to promote your brand and enable customers to instantly identify your associates.

Your data is safe and secure

The SB1 supports HTML5 thin client applications where the data resides on servers instead of the device, simplifying application development and eliminating the risk of data theft if the device is lost or stolen.

Business-class push-to-talk

At the press of a button, users can talk to other workers who are carrying a SB1, a Zebra Solution’s mobile computer or other mobile devices.

Enterprise bar code scanning

Omni-directional scanning, an integrated aimer, LED and beeper make scanning a breeze — just point and shoot, even if bar codes are dirty, damaged or poorly printed.

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