This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by Zebra MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer

The Zebra MC9500 is the ideal mobile computer for tough and demanding field applications. Its rugged construction ensures minimal repairs and least downtime to provide non-stop highly reliable performance. Its high endurance levels and ability to handle stress comes tried and tested with Zebra’s arduous mechanical design tests. Its ability to withstand the industry’s highest drops and tumble rating makes it an excellent investment and total ownership costs. The MC9500-K is the first to offer complete independent WAN technology with the freedom to choose from any of the 3.5G wireless broadband networks, and give maximum coverage to each individual worker. It comes with multiple keypads of different designs that can be swapped according to the application in question, has an IP 67 sealing with resistance to extreme temperatures. The added benefit of an ergonomic design makes it convenient to use even with one hand. It also offers a 3.7-inch polycarbonate VGA color display with high resolution besides a digitizer and a backlight. This ensures perfect picture clarity, high-resolution images for maps and videos. The MC9500 comes equipped with the powerful Marvell 806 MHz microprocessor and a larger memory footprint and strong memory architecture. Its user accessible micro-SD card makes it suitable for high standard multimedia applications. The MAX Sensor Interactive Sensor Technology provides power management, dynamic screen orientation in leading edge motion-based applications. Above all it has a high capacity battery that displays its own status, which helps reduce downtime.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MC9500-0000 Motorola MC9500 handheld computer MC9500-0000
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
25-116366-01R Cables Other Cables Motorola 25-116366-01R handheld other cable
25-122028-01R Cables Charging Cables Motorola 25-122028-01R handheld charging cable
BTRY-MC90SAB00-50 Handheld Accessories Batteries Motorola BTRY-MC90SAB00-50 handheld battery
BTRY-MC95IABA0-10 Handheld Accessories Batteries Motorola BTRY-MC95IABA0-10 handheld battery
CRD9500-100UES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-100UES handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-101UES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-101UES handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-103UES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-103UES handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-103UR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-103UR handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-4000CR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-4000CR handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-4000ER Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-4000ER handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-400CES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-400CES handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-401CES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-401CES handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-401EES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-401EES handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-401ER Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-401ER handheld cradle dock base
CRD9500-421CES Handheld Accessories Mounting Options Motorola CRD9500-421CES handheld mounting option
CRD9500-421EES Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD9500-421EES handheld cradle dock base
KT-116362-01R Handheld Accessories Mounting Options Motorola KT-116362-01R handheld mounting option
KT-122010-01R Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Motorola KT-122010-01R handheld holster case strap lanyard
KT-122012-01R Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Mounts/Cradles Motorola KT-122012-01R handheld vehicle mount cradle
KT-122014-01R Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola KT-122014-01R handheld cradle dock base
KT-122016-03R Handheld Accessories Stylus Motorola KT-122016-03R handheld stylus
KT-122018-50R Handheld Accessories Stylus Motorola KT-122018-50R handheld stylus
KT-132400-01R Handheld Accessories Mounting Options Motorola KT-132400-01R handheld mounting option
KYPD-MC95250-01R Handheld Accessories Snap On Motorola KYPD-MC95250-01R handheld snap on
KYPD-MC95BZL-01 Handheld Accessories Miscellaneous Motorola KYPD-MC95BZL-01 handheld accessory
MSR9500-100R Handheld Accessories Snap On Motorola MSR9500-100R handheld snap on
SAC9500-101CES Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola SAC9500-101CES handheld battery charger
SAC9500-4000CR Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola SAC9500-4000CR handheld battery charger
SAC9500-401CES Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola SAC9500-401CES handheld battery charger
SAC9500-421CES Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola SAC9500-421CES handheld battery charger
SG-MC9523043-01R Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Motorola SG-MC9523043-01R handheld holster case strap lanyard
VAM9500-100R Handheld Accessories Snap On Motorola VAM9500-100R handheld snap on
VBC9500-1000R Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola VBC9500-1000R handheld battery charger
VCH9500-100R Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola VCH9500-100R handheld battery charger
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
E_SSB-MC95XX-30 Motorola E_SSB-MC95XX-30 handheld service
PAK-01-MC95XX-30 Motorola PAK-01-MC95XX-30 handheld service
PAK-10-MC95XX-30 Motorola PAK-10-MC95XX-30 handheld service
SCB-MC95XX-10 Symbol SCB-MC95XX-10 Handheld Service
SCB-MC95XX-30 Symbol SCB-MC95XX-30 Handheld Service

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