Product Discontinuation Date:  June 29, 2011

Features include:

  • Rugged, light weight and compact
  • High definition VGA display
  • Multiple keyboard functions
  • Assisted and autonomous GPS support
  • Mobility platform architecture
  • 2 mega pixel auto focus flash enabled color camera

The Zebra MC75 is the perfect rugged mobile computer for a workforce needing to get multiple tasks accomplished in diverse environments from rough terrains to warehouses. The Zebra MC75 is much more than a handheld computer since it features all the utilities of an enterprise digital assistant. Its biggest advantage is its portability since it fits into the palm of the hand of the mobile employee, and its reasonable price. With an in-built 3.5G HSDPQ and 3G CDMA-EVDO, it offers simultaneous access to voice, data and GPS services, a 3G world cell phone with push-to-talk features, top class GPS sensitivity and 1D and 2D barcode scanning, color camera, WWAN, WLAN WPAN and IrDA connectivity.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MC7506-PKCSKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7506-PKCSKQWA9WR
MC7506-PKCSKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7506-PKCSKRWA9WR
MC7506-PUCSKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7506-PUCSKRWA9WR
MC7508-PUESKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7508-PUESKRWA9WR
MC7596-PKCSKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PKCSKQWA9WR
MC7596-PUCSKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PUCSKQWA9WR
MC7596-PYCSKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSKQWA9WR
MC7596-PYCSKQWAAWR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSKQWAAWR
MC7596-PYCSKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSKRWA9WR
MC7596-PYCSUQRS9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSUQRS9WR
MC7596-PYCSUQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSUQWA9WR
MC7596-PYCSUQWAAWR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSUQWAAWR
MC7596-PYCSURRS9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSURRS9WR
MC7596-PYCSURWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSURWA9WR
MC7596-PYCSURWAAWR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSURWAAWR
MC7596-PYCSURWFAWR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSURWFAWR
MC7596-PYCSUZWG9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PYCSUZWG9WR
MC7596-PZCSKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSKQWA9WR
MC7596-PZCSKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSKRWA9WR
MC7596-PZCSKYWF9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSKYWF9WR
MC7596-PZCSKZWG9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSKZWG9WR
MC7596-PZCSUQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSUQWA9WR
MC7596-PZCSUQWAAWR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSUQWAAWR
MC7596-PZCSURWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSURWA9WR
MC7596-PZCSURWAAWR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSURWAAWR
MC7596-PZCSUYWF9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSUYWF9WR
MC7596-PZCSUZWG9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7596-PZCSUZWG9WR
MC7598-PYESKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7598-PYESKQWA9WR
MC7598-PYESKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7598-PYESKRWA9WR
MC7598-PZESKQWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7598-PZESKQWA9WR
MC7598-PZESKRWA9WR Motorola MC75 enterprise pda MC7598-PZESKRWA9WR
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
21-126676-01R Handheld Accessories Snap On Motorola 21-126676-01R handheld snap on
25-102775-01R Cables USB Cables Motorola 25-102775-01R handheld usb cable
25-102776-01R Cables RS232 Cables Motorola 25-102776-01R handheld rs232 cable
25-63852-01R Cables RS232 Cables Motorola 25-63852-01R handheld rs232 cable
25-68596-01R Cables USB Cables Motorola 25-68596-01R handheld usb cable
25-70924-03R Cables Other Cables Motorola 25-70924-03R handheld other cable
25-70979-01R Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 25-70979-01R handheld vehicle charger cable
25-70979-02R Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola 25-70979-02R handheld cradle dock base
25-91515-01R Cables Other Cables Motorola 25-91515-01R scanner cable
25-91518-01R Cables Other Cables Motorola 25-91518-01R scanner cable
25-91519-01R Cables Other Cables Motorola 25-91519-01R scanner cable
25-95214-02R Cables Charging Cables Motorola 25-95214-02R handheld charging cable
50-11300-050R Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Motorola 50-11300-050R handheld holster case strap lanyard
50-14000-241R Handheld Accessories Power Supplies Motorola 50-14000-241R handheld power supply
50-14000-249R Other Accessories Power Supplies Motorola 50-14000-249R power supply
50-16000-670R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-670R power cord
50-16000-671R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-671R power cord
8710-050006-01R Handheld Accessories Mounting Options Motorola 8710-050006-01R handheld mounting option
BTRY-KT-1R5X-MC7XR Handheld Accessories Batteries Motorola BTRY-KT-1R5X-MC7XR handheld battery
BTRY-MC7XEAB00 Handheld Accessories Batteries Motorola BTRY-MC7XEAB00 handheld battery
CRD7000-4000ER Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7000-4000ER handheld cradle dock base
CRD7000-410ER Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7000-410ER handheld cradle dock base
CRD7000-411ER Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7000-411ER handheld cradle dock base
CRD7X00-1000RR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7X00-1000RR handheld cradle dock base
CRD7X00-100RR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7X00-100RR handheld cradle dock base
CRD7X00-101RR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7X00-101RR handheld cradle dock base
CRD7X00-4000CR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7X00-4000CR handheld cradle dock base
CRD7X00-401CR Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Motorola CRD7X00-401CR handheld cradle dock base
KT-14000-148R Handheld Accessories Power Supplies Motorola KT-14000-148R handheld power supply
MSR7000-100R Handheld Accessories Snap On Motorola MSR7000-100R handheld snap on
SAC7X00-4000CR Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola SAC7X00-4000CR handheld battery charger
SAC7X00-401CR Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Motorola SAC7X00-401CR handheld battery charger
SG-MC7011110-01R Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Motorola SG-MC7011110-01R handheld holster case strap lanyard
SG-MC7521215-01R Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Motorola SG-MC7521215-01R handheld holster case strap lanyard
STYLUS-00002-03R Handheld Accessories Miscellaneous Motorola STYLUS-00002-03R handheld accessory
VCD7X00-P000R Handheld Accessories Mounting Options Motorola VCD7X00-P000R handheld mounting option
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
E_SSB-MC75XX-30 Motorola E_SSB-MC75XX-30 handheld service
E_SSB-MC75XX-50 Motorola E_SSB-MC75XX-50 handheld service
OPT-PRE9FSTRK-30 Pre-9am Delivery Option for Fastrack-3 years. Can be purchased only with a Fastrack Maintenance offering. Available in the UK only. Certain postcodes are not included, please check with Zebra in advance of purchase.
PAK-01-MC75XX-30 Motorola PAK-01-MC75XX-30 handheld service
PAK-05-MC75XX-30 Motorola PAK-05-MC75XX-30 handheld service
SCB-MC7508-10 Motorola SCB-MC7508-10 handheld service
SCB-MC7508-30 Motorola SCB-MC7508-30 handheld service
SCB-MC7596-10 Motorola SCB-MC7596-10 handheld service
SCB-MC7596-30 Motorola SCB-MC7596-30 handheld service
SCB-MC7598-10 Motorola SCB-MC7598-10 handheld service
SCB-MC7598-30 Motorola SCB-MC7598-30 handheld service
SCB-MC75XX-10 Symbol SCB-MC75XX-10 Handheld Service
SCG-MC7508-10 Motorola SCG-MC7508-10 handheld service
SCG-MC7508-30 Motorola SCG-MC7508-30 handheld service
SCG-MC7596-10 Motorola SCG-MC7596-10 handheld service
SCG-MC7596-30 Motorola SCG-MC7596-30 handheld service
SCG-MC7598-10 Motorola SCG-MC7598-10 handheld service
SCG-MC7598-30 Motorola SCG-MC7598-30 handheld service
SCG-MC75XX-10 Symbol SCG-MC75XX-10 Handheld Service
SSB-MC7508-20-R Motorola SSB-MC7508-20-R handheld service
SSB-MC7508-30 Motorola SSB-MC7508-30 handheld service
SSB-MC7508-50 Motorola SSB-MC7508-50 handheld service
SSB-MC7596-20-R Motorola SSB-MC7596-20-R handheld service
SSB-MC7596-30 Motorola SSB-MC7596-30 handheld service
SSB-MC7596-50 Motorola SSB-MC7596-50 handheld service
SSB-MC75XX-20R Motorola SSB-MC75XX-20R handheld service
SSB-MC75XX-30 Symbol SSB-MC75XX-30 Handheld Service
SSB-MC75XX-50 Symbol SSB-MC75XX-50 Handheld Service
SSG-MC75XX-30 Symbol SSG-MC75XX-30 Handheld Service
SSG-MC75XX-50 Symbol SSG-MC75XX-50 Handheld Service

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