Features include:

  • Latest Intel processor XScale PXA270 @ 416MHz.
  • Latest Microsoft Operating System Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Version
  • Push to talk function
  • WWAN: EDGE GPRS/GSM compatible
  • WLAN and WPAN Bluetooth v 1.2
  • Touch screen and optional keyboard functionality


This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by Zebra ES400 Enterprise PDA

The MC35 is handheld computer from Zebra designed for employees on-the-move. The Enterprise Digital Assistant keeps colleagues, clients and the business systems connected, thereby saving time and costs besides enhancing efficiency and productivity. The Zebra MC35 is a mobile phone, notebook, camera and barcode scanner combined into a single gadget. The MC 35 serves as the best gadget for a mobile work force to stay accessible and connected. Its rugged casing ensures that it remains damage free in tough working conditions. Both voice and data transmission from the same device help in increasing mobility of the work force without hampering the pace of their work.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MC35-C-E6BM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-C-E6BM
MC35-C-E6EM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-C-E6EM
MC35-C-F6EM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-C-F6EM
MC35-CL-E6BM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-CL-E6BM
MC35-CL-E6EM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-CL-E6EM
MC35-CL-F6BM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-CL-F6BM
MC35-CL-F6EM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-CL-F6EM
MC35-CL-G6EM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-CL-G6EM
MC35-CL-I6BM Motorola MC35 enterprise pda MC35-CL-I6BM
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
KT-107791-01 Other Accessories Power Supplies Motorola KT-107791-01 power supply
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
SSB-MC35XX-20 Motorola SSB-MC35XX-20 handheld service

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