Realwear Navigator 500 Hands Free Wearable Computer


RealWear Navigator™ 500 is the next generation ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker. Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. Safely reduce downtime, improve quality and employee productivity, while realizing significant ROI.

The Next Generation Industrial Strength Assisted Reality Solution

Unquestionable Value and ROI with RealWear

Leading authority VDC Research conducted a comprehensive study comparing the total cost of ownership of RealWear HMT-1 over five years to both a ruggedized and consumer smartphone. VDC findings speak volumes to the unquestionable value of RealWear.

Product Specifications

Full-Shift, Hands-Free Use
Work comfortably all day and easily hot-swap your battery without losing a minute on the job.

Revolutionary Modular Design
Enables on-the-job agility and adaptability to support even more use cases.

Enhanced Remote Collaboration
Improves productivity, saves travel costs and reduces equipment downtime.

Secure, Seamless Sign-On & Enterprise Deployment
Reduces time to deploy and manage your fleet of devices.

  • 4X Less likely to
    fail than alternatives
  • 70% Lower cost
    than non-rugged smartphone 
  • 44% Lower cost
    than the TCO of a ruggedized handheld computer  

Camera with two modes

  • Standard Mode
    Delivers 12MP image resolution with 5 zoom levels. Great low light performance
  • Telephoto Mode
    With enhanced zoom that delivers >6X zoom while still retaining HD quality (720p) or >4X zoom while retaining full HD quality (1080p)

Hands-Free Use Cases

With infinite possibilities, here are several prominent use cases of our hands-free platform in manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, consumer products goods and logistics.

Remote Expert Guidance

Connects global workforce and enables frontline workers to get assistance from an expert remotely to resolve any complex issue.

Digital Workflow

Operational errors are reduced with step-by-step visual instructions, checklists and data entry on-the-go.

Visual Assist

Hands-Free verification and visual documentation with a high-definition camera that takes photos and videos of hard-to-reach places.

Industrial IoT Data

Workers get real-time data that they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment.

Document Navigator

More productivity and safety by viewing technical manuals and reference documents with eyes forward and
hands-free improves productivity and safety.


Operating System

Android 11 (AOSP) + WearHF™ hands-free interface + Enterprise features


64GB internal storage / 4GB RAM / MicroSD slot (max card supported 512GB)


WVGA (854X480), 20° field-of-view, 24-bit color LCD, 0.32-inch diagonal, outdoor visible


9.42oz / 270g


2,600mAh/10.0 Wh Li-polymer, rechargeable, hot-swappable

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