MARK 2 wearable scanner


Transform Workflows For The Better

The MARK 2 wearable scanner is the new standard to replace old handheld barcode scanners.

MARK 2 enables more comfort and efficiency in logistics and production

Achieve maximum productivity in all application areas with MARK 2. The small, portable wearable scanners are the companion for employees who perform a large number of scans. Save your team the need to reach for a handheld scanner in every single scanning step, saving up to 4 seconds per scan in the documentation process.

The optic, haptic and acoustic feedback informs the wearer whether the process step was correctly achieved. This reduces the error rate by up to 33%. With a battery life of up to 10,000 scans per charge, MARK 2 is perfect for industrial applications with high scanning frequency: picking, sequencing, incoming goods, production lines, quality control, outgoing goods and more.

More efficient than handheld barcode scanners

MARK 2 is positioned on the back of the hand on a wrap that works over bare hands or gloves. It also mounts to a reel device that may be clipped to a belt or worn on a lanyard. In all cases, this means that employees always have two hands free to concentrate on other work. If the worker reaches for a package, he doesn’t need to put down the handheld barcode scanner after use and pick it up again for the next step. Workflows become seamless with less interruption. In this way, MARK 2 increases efficiency and process quality.

Thinner than a finger

We have developed MARK 2 with the highest standards of ergonomics. Measuring 50 x 45 mm / 1.9in x 1.7in, it is no larger than a matchbox and fits perfectly on the back of the hand. The barcode scanner is so flat (16 mm / 0.5 in) that the wearer can easily fit parts in narrow spaces or reach into boxes. At 40g, the MARK 2 is a lightweight scanner that has no comparison.

Wide range of applications

MARK 2, with its two variants (scan range: 10-80 cm or 30-150 cm), opens up a wide range of applications – both in logistics and production. These include fixed workplaces, such as packaging stations, production lines or goods receipt. In combination with a tablet or smartphone, MARK 2 is used for order picking with high-speed pickers in high-bay warehouses. Let our team advise you on the possible applications.



10–80 cm ​or ​30–150 cm


LED, Sound, Vibration


BLE, Sub-1-GHz​


10,000 scans​


100 drops from 2 m / 6.5 ft​ IP 54

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Part No. Category Sub Category Description
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