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The Intermec CN70 and CN70e are the most rugged mobile computers launched by Intermec to meet the field mobility requirements for applications. They come with a sleek ergonomic design, a small form factor that facilitates use for long periods, but are strong enough to withstand rough and extreme conditions. Both have the latest next generation architecture, flawless wireless communication systems and quick data capture capabilities, all of which combine to provide the most efficient work experience in the field.

Some of the key features of the CN70 and the CN70e include:

  • Rugged mobile computers delivering flawless results in tough environments
  • Sleek, compact and ergonomic design
  • Higher motion tolerance enables quick scanning of barcodes from fast moving vehicles
  • Can scan damaged and worn out codes in poorly lit places
  • Extended battery life and ultra bright displays
  • Remote access of key parameters to ensure trouble free performance at the work place
  • Complete compatibility with other peripherals like printers, fax machines and so on
  • Offer a comprehensive enterprise business solution
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
CN70EN2KC00W1100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EN2KC00W1100
CN70EN2KCU3W2100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EN2KCU3W2100
CN70EN2KN00W1100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EN2KN00W1100
CN70EN2KNU3W2100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EN2KNU3W2100
CN70EN7KD02W1R00 CN70e (Refresh) / Numeric / EA30 Standard Range Imager / Camera / RFID / 802.11 a/b/g/n / Bluetooth (ETSI) / WEH 6.5 / WW English
CN70EQ2KC00W1100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EQ2KC00W1100
CN70EQ2KCU3W2100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EQ2KCU3W2100
CN70EQ2KN00W1100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EQ2KN00W1100
CN70EQ2KNU3W2100 Intermec CN70e enterprise pda CN70EQ2KNU3W2100
CN70EQ6KD02W1R00 CN70e (Refresh) / QWERTY - Numeric / EA30 Standard Range Imager / Camera / RFID / 802.11 a/b/g/n / Bluetooth (ETSI) / WEH 6.5 / WW English
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
DX1A01A00 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Intermec DX1A01A00 handheld cradle dock base
DX1A01A20 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Intermec DX1A01A20 handheld cradle dock base
DX2A11100 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Intermec DX2A11100 handheld cradle dock base
DX2A21100 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Intermec DX2A21100 handheld cradle dock base
DX2A2AA00 Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Intermec DX2A2AA00 handheld battery charger
DX4A1111100 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Intermec DX4A1111100 handheld cradle dock base
DX4A2111100 Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Intermec DX4A2111100 handheld cradle dock base
DX4A2AAAA00 Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Intermec DX4A2AAAA00 handheld battery charger
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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