Features include

  • 3.5G wireless technology enhances worker productivity
  • Converts paper documents to electronic files through Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging
  • Full set of Intermec Development Tools helps cut costs and save time
  • Medallion Complete Services enables reducing repair expenses
  • Rugged with IP64 sealing
  • Functions in tough environments
  • Touch screen display
  • On-board GPS helps keep track of worker routes
  • Easy integration with other devices
  • An extension of the popular CN3 series
  • Long battery life

The Intermec CN4e is a large and rugged mobile computer that is meant for the toughest work environments. With its 3.5 G wireless technology, it is able to reap the benefits of higher bandwidth data collection, better communication and hence, higher worker productivity and efficiency. Its feature rich design helps businesses extend the range of services they offer, reduce expense overheads. With imaging application options like the Intermec Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging, eMDI, mobile workers can convert all paper documents into electronic files effortlessly and accurately. It also helps to straighten and put back-office operations on track, cut costs and improve cash flows for the business by reducing the time taking for billing for services, and wireless dispatch of invoices. Customer services improve since the serving staff has real time access to information and updates, and the enterprise system provides access to document images

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
CN4E5C801U1E800 Intermec CN4e handheld computer CN4E5C801U1E800
CN4E5H801U1E800 Intermec CN4E handheld computer CN4E5H801U1E800
CN4E5J801U1E800 Intermec CN4e handheld computer CN4E5J801U1E800
CN4E5P801U1E800 Intermec CN4e handheld computer CN4E5P801U1E800
CN4E8C801U1E800 Intermec CN4e handheld computer CN4E8C801U1E800
CN4E8H801U1E800 Intermec CN4E handheld computer CN4E8H801U1E800
CN4E8J801U1E800 Intermec CN4e handheld computer CN4E8J801U1E800
CN4E8P801U1E800 Intermec CN4e handheld computer CN4E8P801U1E800
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
805-611-001 B Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Mounts/Cradles Intermec 805-611-001 B handheld vehicle mount cradle
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
CN4-MC1YBD1 Intermec CN4-MC1YBD1 handheld service
CN4-MC1YSD1 Intermec CN4-MC1YSD1 handheld service
CN4-MCC3YBD1 Intermec CN4-MCC3YBD1 handheld service
CN4-MCC3YSD1 Intermec CN4-MCC3YSD1 handheld service

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