Features include:

  • Meets the most stringent certifications like UL, ATEX and IECEx
  • Safest mobile computer for oil, gas and chemical industries
  • Highly resilient and durable
  • Versatile operation in all environments

The Intermec CK32 Intrinsically safe is a very rugged mobile computer and terminal for data collection that has the distinction of getting the maximum number of global hazardous environment ratings than any other mobile computer. Thus it is the safest computer to work on for workers in the pharmaceutical, oil, gas and chemical industries. The CK32 meets the toughest requirements for gases, liquids, vapors, dust, fibers and meets underground mining standards as well. It is tough enough to never break in any of these harsh environments, and breakage there, can be extremely dangerous. It has an IP67 sealing, and qualifies for Zone 0 certification indicating double fault safety in areas where inflammable gases are customarily found. The CK32 comes equipped for all standard applications with appropriate connectivity. It has the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, 802.11 b/g, VoIP support, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and integrated scanning. The CK 32 has been designed to meet the requirements of applications requiring occasional connectivity or even real time thin client interactive applications like the Intermec Terminal Emulation 2000 that needs reliable and scan intensive response times. It offers Microsoft's Pocket Internet Explorer for web based applications.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
CK32AS011D4E1803 Intermec CK32 handheld computer CK32AS011D4E1803
CK32AS013D4E1803 Intermec CK32 handheld computer CK32AS013D4E1803
CK32AS021D4E1803 Intermec CK32 handheld computer CK32AS021D4E1803
CK32AS113D4E1803 Intermec CK32 handheld computer CK32AS113D4E1803
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
1-974027-025 Other Accessories Power Cords Intermec 1-974027-025 power cord
203-828-001 Handheld Accessories Stylus Intermec 203-828-001 handheld stylus
318-021-001 Handheld Accessories Batteries Intermec 318-021-001 handheld battery
321-502-002 Other Accessories Power Cords Intermec 321-502-002 power cord
346-312-001 Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Intermec 346-312-001 handheld holster case strap lanyard
714-619-002 Handheld Accessories Batteries Intermec 714-619-002 handheld battery
714-625-001 Handheld Accessories Snap On Intermec 714-625-001 handheld snap on
825-183-001 Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Intermec 825-183-001 handheld holster case strap lanyard
825-186-001 Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Intermec 825-186-001 handheld holster case strap lanyard
851-061-006 Other Accessories Power Supplies Intermec 851-061-006 power supply
851-061-007 Other Accessories Power Supplies Intermec 851-061-007 power supply
871-223-002 Cables USB Cables Intermec 871-223-002 scanner usb cable
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
CK32A-MCC3YBD1 Intermec CK32A-MCC3YBD1 handheld service

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