Features Include:

  • Built for temperatures up to -30 degrees Centigrade
  • Equipped with special low temperature batteries
  • Heaters switch off automatically once out of freezer environments, and this helps in conserving power
  • Summit WiFi 802.11 a/b/g
  • Bright display that shows clear images in dark areas like freezers
  • Can capture barcodes from 4 inches-40 ft
  • Single touch function keys
  • Heated display and scan window for frost free functioning inside freezers
  • Loaded with Windows CE 5.0 Professional


This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by Honeywell CK75 Mobile Computer

The LXE MX7CS is a variation of the MX7 exclusively designed for freezers and cold storage applications. The MX7CS comes with special low temperature batteries, conformal coating and special heaters. This makes it perfect for extreme temperatures from sub zero environments in cold storages to the hotter docks and similar areas. The switch is easy without any condensation issues or any impact on efficiency and productivity. Being a light weight gadget, it is convenient for tireless full day use and its backlit keys make it usable even in the dark freezers.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MX7C1B1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1B1B1E1A0ET
MX7C1B1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1B1B1E1B0ET
MX7C1B1B1E1F0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1B1B1E1F0ET
MX7C1B1B2E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1B1B2E1A0ET
MX7C1B2D2E2A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1B2D2E2A0ET
MX7C1D1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D1B1E1A0ET
MX7C1D1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D1B1E1B0ET
MX7C1D1B1E1C0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D1B1E1C0ET
MX7C1D1B2E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D1B2E1A0ET
MX7C1D1B2E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D1B2E1B0ET
MX7C1D3B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D3B1E1B0ET
MX7C1D3B3E1CAET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1D3B3E1CAET
MX7C1E1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C1E1B1E1B0ET
MX7C2B1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2B1B1E1A0ET
MX7C2B1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2B1B1E1B0ET
MX7C2B3B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2B3B1E1B0ET
MX7C2C3B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2C3B1E1B0ET
MX7C2D1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2D1B1E1A0ET
MX7C2D1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2D1B1E1B0ET
MX7C2D1B2E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C2D1B2E1A0ET
MX7C3B1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C3B1B1E1B0ET
MX7C3D1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C3D1B1E1A0ET
MX7C3D1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C3D1B1E1B0ET
MX7C4B1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C4B1B1E1A0ET
MX7C4D1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C4D1B1E1A0ET
MX7C5B1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C5B1B1E1A0ET
MX7C5B1B1E1B0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C5B1B1E1B0ET
MX7C5B1B1E1F0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C5B1B1E1F0ET
MX7C5B1B2E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C5B1B2E1A0ET
MX7C5D1B1E1A0ET Honeywell MX7CS handheld computer MX7C5D1B1E1A0ET
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MX7007VMCRADLE Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Mounts/Cradles Honeywell MX7007VMCRADLE handheld vehicle mount cradle
MX7008VMCRADLE Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Honeywell MX7008VMCRADLE handheld cradle dock base
MX7052CABLE Cables USB Cables Honeywell MX7052CABLE handheld usb cable
MX7055CABLE Cables RS232 Cables Honeywell MX7055CABLE handheld rs232 cable
MX7058CABLE Cables RS232 Cables Honeywell MX7058CABLE handheld rs232 cable
MX7060CABLE Cables Other Cables Honeywell MX7060CABLE handheld other cable
MX7382BATTERY Handheld Accessories Batteries Honeywell MX7382BATTERY handheld battery
MX7388DSKCRDL Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Honeywell MX7388DSKCRDL handheld cradle dock base
MX7402HANDLE Handheld Accessories Snap On Honeywell MX7402HANDLE handheld snap on
MX7404CASE Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7404CASE handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7405HOLSTER Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7405HOLSTER handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7407HOLSTER Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7407HOLSTER handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7408CASE Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7408CASE handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7409HOLSTER Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7409HOLSTER handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7410HOLSTER Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7410HOLSTER handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7411CASE Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7411CASE handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7412BELT Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7412BELT handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7490BOOT Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7490BOOT handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7491BOOT Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7491BOOT handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7A001RAMBRKT-R Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Mounts/Cradles Honeywell MX7A001RAMBRKT-R handheld vehicle mount cradle
MX7A002RAMBRKT Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Mounts/Cradles Honeywell MX7A002RAMBRKT handheld vehicle mount cradle
MX7A380BATT Handheld Accessories Batteries Honeywell MX7A380BATT handheld battery
MX7A381BATT Handheld Accessories Batteries Honeywell MX7A381BATT handheld battery
MX7A386CHGR5WW Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Honeywell MX7A386CHGR5WW handheld battery charger
MX7A401HANDSTRAP Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7A401HANDSTRAP handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7A409HOLSTERWBOOT Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7A409HOLSTERWBOOT handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7A414CASEHDL Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7A414CASEHDL handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7A584PROTFILM Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell MX7A584PROTFILM handheld holster case strap lanyard
MX7A584STYLUS Handheld Accessories Stylus Honeywell MX7A584STYLUS handheld stylus
X7A414CASEHDL Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Honeywell X7A414CASEHDL handheld holster case strap lanyard
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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