HMT-1 Hands Free Wearable Computer


The World’s Leading Hands-free Remote Collaboration Tool ideal for First Line Jobs


Safer. Faster. Smarter.

The RealWear® HMT-1 provides the foundation for Connected Worker programs. Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud industrial environments. A fully rugged head-mounted device, it optionally snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear.

The high-resolution micro display fits just below your line of sight and views like a 7” tablet. It’s an industrial dashboard: there when you need it and out of your way when you don’t.

The HMT-1 works with powerful software applications from our solution partners in four core categories, each optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swiping,or tapping - just simple voice commands. Use it for remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow, mobile forms and industrial IoT data visualization.



Job Task Use Cases

  • Vehicle/bucket truck safety inspection
  • Installations that deviate from the plan
  • Sub contractor progress status checks
  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Damaged equipment inspection
  • Site inspection & walkthrough
  • Emergency technical support
  • Troubleshooting product failures
  • Adhering to company safety standards
  • Multi-party video issue resolution
  • Instruct, mentor & develop new engineers
  • Root cause digital evidence collection
  • Digital maintenance record creation
  • Non-standard modifications
  • Fiber repair step-by step guidance
  • Digitally document manager reviews
  • Equipment cleaning documentation
  • Primary & backup generator testing
  • Digitally document maintenance

  • 100% Hands free
    Voice based operating system with local speech recognition in loud areas.
  • Unmatched noise cancellation
    Four digital microphones and advanced algorithms.
  • Outdoor display
    Appears size of 7” tablet, viewable in bright sunlight.
  • Full shift internal battery
    Field swappable for continuous use.
  • PPE compatible
    Designed to work with standard hard helmets, bump caps and safety glasses.
  • Water resistant
    IP66–Protected against seas or powerful jets of water.
  • Dust tight
    IP66–Complete protection against the ingress of micro particles.
  • Powerful audio
    Integrated speaker and 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection.
  • Shock Resistant
    Resistant to 2 meter drops onto concrete from any angle.
  • Built rugged
    Fully operational from -20° C to +50° C ML-STD-810G.


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Part No. Category Sub Category Description
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