Kinetic ID-5s Manufacturing Workstation


Stay connected while seamlessly moving an entire workstation to the point of use. Remove the key inefficiencies, downtime and errors caused by manual input normally associated with fixed point work stations.

These improvements mean the Kinetic ID-5s can offer a full return on investment in as little as 7 months.

Stainless Steel Manufacturing Workstation

The ability to work dynamically in any manufacturing environment has helped to improve efficiency, reduces downtime and keeps operators focused on value-added activities. The Kinetic ID-5s facilitates this further by mobilising all the essential equipment needed by each user to do their job faster, with no downtime and minimal input error. Hot swap capabilities and the ability to add additional hardware means each Mobile Workstation can easily adapt to fit the precise needs of any working environment. The stainless steel construction makes it ideal for grade C & D cleanrooms while still remaining rugged enough to cope with the demands of any manufacturing environment 


The Kinetic ID-5s Cart seamlessly integrates into your company’s existing infrastructure, eliminating errors, speeding and enhancing productivity by keeping the operator connected to all data, in real time and on-the-go. Our Kinetic power battery solutions offer both Daisy-Chain and Hot-Swap tech-nologies, to keep your cart running at maximum, 24/7.

  • A convenient and cost effective alternative to static or fixed workstations
  • Modular design provides a flexible solution that’s able to transform and grow with your company
  • Connects your staff to critical, stored and online information, while they stay on the move
  • Eliminates the need for the cumbersome and costly cable drops associated with fixed workstations
  • Quick and seamless integration and deployment into your existing infrastructure, with no pause in productivity
  • Cuts down on per-task performance time, increasing worker productivity and overall profits
  • Streamlines your work process by eliminating staff trips to a static terminal to perform and receive updates
  • 24/7 Productivity can be achieved with our interchangeable Kinetic Power battery solutions
  • Saves you money by eliminating the need for multiple static workstations to accommodate staff over a large area
  • Modular and flexible cart systems are easy to repurpose, should your lines or requirements change over time
  • A cable-free, mobile workstation is effortlessly moved when you renovate or restructure your workspace


The Kinetic ID-5s mobile workstation adapts to the diverse, specific and changing requirements of both operator and business, though functional flexibility and modular design. Scanners, printers and other devices can be added per requirement, to uplift and streamline the productivity of every operator. The plug and play capabilities and large screen convenience of the static workstation is now available in a 100% mobile solution.

  • Stainless steel construction, ideal for grade C & D cleanrooms
  • Multi-screen capable, with pre-loaded twin-screening applications
  • In-depth and thorough mobile computing solutions, with full-screen ERP, printing, data-capture and scanning or RFID, designed to eliminate the need for static workstations
  • Wireless connectivity with real-time data capture to back-end systems like MES and ERP, from anywhere in the facility
  • Wi-fi connected EBR and SOP on twin screens, while on the move
  • MES, ERP, EBR and SOP on the move, from anywhere in the facility
  • The convenience of mobile ERP, SAP and ORACLE operations on a large and comprehensive screen
  • The convenience of mobile MES, CAMSTAR and WERUM operations on a large and comprehensive screen
  • Enhanced staff accuracy, thanks to real-time data capture and retrieval, on the move and anywhere in the facility
  • Modular design for limitless reconfiguration and expansion capability, grows with your business
  • 24/7 production uptime with our interchangeable Kinetic Power battery supply
  • Seamless setup and integration with numerous bespoke and turnkey solutions
  • Stylish, ergonomic and highly portable design

Industrial Grade Battery Technology

The system is configured using ‘state of the art’ medical grade EN-6060-1 compliant battery technology meaning we can provide a solution with ZERO battery replacement costs over the life of the cart (typically 5-7 years) while still maintaining acceptable run times.

As all cell manufacturers calculate cycles differently, and usually in their own interests, it is misleading to compare them. Therefore, the only true measure is the levels of warranty provided based on time periods, not cycles.

To make things simple, we GUARANTEE that the batteries are still at more than 80% after 3 years, and will still be providing acceptable usage after 5 years regardless of cycles!

Support for third party hardware

In addition to multiple screens, the Kinetic ID-5s also facilities the full range of data capture and printing solutions from Zebra technologies. Our battery technology means each workstation can power multiple devices and the hot swap capabilities means zero downtime.

The ability to add external devices has been the key requirement in the design process, meaning minimal loss of working space while still offering all the form and function needed by the operator.

Supports full range of Healthcare devices
















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