Ensure optimal performance from your barcode printers by using quality labels suitable for your application. VisionID supply a wide range of label types to suit most barcode printers and applications.

Direct Thermal

These are an inexpensive way to print paper labels. They provide fantastic print quality and can be used in a wide range of general-purpose applications.

Thermal Transfer

These labels are more durable than Direct Thermals. They provide long-lasting durability, with the benefit of abrasion, moisture, and chemical resistance.


This type of label is a durable, pliable option best suited for use in packaging, as it offers greater tear resistance than a paper label would. They adhere effectively to both low and high energy surfaces and are useful for labelling curved surfaces like shrink wrap or packaging. Polyethylene labels are typically found in the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and global distribution industries.


These labels feature a glossy finish as well as excellent print quality and chemical resistance and good chemical resistance.