NEXUS 20 Drum Printer Applicator

Cobalt Systems

Innovation in drum print and labelling

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A real passion for engineering has driven Cobalt’s latest innovation in drum print and labelling. The Nexus 20 Drum Printer Applicator which is both GS1 and GHS compliant, can print multiple labels and apply them quickly to a rotating drum with each label containing unique real-time data. Eliminating rotational synchronisation, the drum applicator represents a step forward in precise and secure label application for cylindrical packaging.


Features Benefits
Real-time roller application Precise and secure application manipulates label onto the surface. Ideal for large GHS label applications to curved surfaces
Universal application tool Accommodates a range of label sizes. Synthetic or paper for a wide range of applications
Simultaneous print and application Permits high-speed labelling or multiple labels to one product - a rotating drum for example.
GS1 & GHS compliant Solution designed for compliance for delivering peace of mind.
Industry leading 3- year warranty Resilient by design, low maintenance costs. Fixed price service packs available
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