Nexus 20 All Electric Shrink Wrap Pack Printer Applicator

Cobalt Systems

Innovation in Shrink Pack Labelling with no compressed air required

Delivering speeds of up to 80 packs a minute, this highly accurate machine delivers real-time labelling with no need for compressed air, speed synchronisation or special conveyor systems, reducing the capital costs of implementation and ensuring lowest cost of ownership.

The GS1 compliant technology is packed with clever, yet simple to use features. The Cobalt team has also designed a new safe start procedure that eliminates the risk of last batch data being applied to the new product, through the intuitive Nexus HMI. Operators can also easily adjust the height of the motor via the HMI.

Simplicity and engineering excellence in harmony.



  • High-speed front application >80 packs per minute
  • Electric Only
  • Real-Time print & apply with safe start
  • Product-driven application control
  • Industry leading 3- year warranty
  • Motor height adjustment


  • No need to turn shrink-wrapped packs for labelling long edge
  • No compressed air required. Low maintenance requirements for ultra-low cost of ownership/best ROI
  • Label printed is the label applied. Less waste and no risk of incorrect labelling
  • No need for line speed synchronisation or special conveying
  • Resilient by design, low maintenance costs. Fixed price service packs available
  • Quick positioning of applicator when changing to different height products via integrated HMI
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