Your healthcare staff wants the latest in mobile technology, and a device that is as easy to use as their own smartphone. Your healthcare organisation requires an enterprise-class feature set, from data capture and security to manageability and dependably robust wireless connections. Get it all with the MC40-HC.

Disinfectant-ready with enterprise-class durability

You get the durability that Zebra is famous for — the MC40-HC simply works, despite drops, bumps, spills and constant sanitizing with harsh chemicals.

A large 4.3 inch touch-only display

Provides the screen real estate to support information-intensive apps, such as electronic health records and real-time feeds of patient vital signs.

Android fortified for the enterprise

Extensions (Mx) adds new features that transform Android™ from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise-class operating system, adding the enterprise-class security, manageability, wireless connection quality and data capture feature support your organisation requires.

A powerful voice connection to nearly any other mobile device in the hospital

With our unique integrated voice solutions, the MC40-HC is push-to-talk (PTT) ready right out of the box, easily connecting to other PTT-enabled Zebra mobile computers, two-way radios and third party popular smartphones. And with our pre-tested and validated Staff Communication and Management Solution, you can smoothly and successfully enable your MC40-HC mobile computers to double as mobile PBX handsets and more.

User replaceable battery for guaranteed availability all shift, every shift

Up to 8 to 10 hours of operation on a single charge virtually eliminates downtime due to a dead battery during a shift; user-swappable batteries protect device uptime and increase device utilisation for a stronger return on investment.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
MC40N0-HCG3R00 Zebra MC40-HC enterprise pda MC40N0-HCG3R00
MC40N0-HCJ3R00 Zebra MC40-HC enterprise pda MC40N0-HCJ3R00
MC40N0-HCJ3R01 Zebra MC40-HC enterprise pda MC40N0-HCJ3R01
MC40N0-HCJ3R01F Zebra MC40-HC enterprise pda MC40N0-HCJ3R01F
MC40N0-HLK3R01 Zebra MC40-HC enterprise pda MC40N0-HLK3R01
MC40N0-HLK3R01F Zebra MC40-HC enterprise pda MC40N0-HLK3R01F
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
25-122026-02R Cables Charging Cables Motorola 25-122026-02R handheld charging cable
25-MCXUSB-01R Cables USB Cables Zebra 25-MCXUSB-01R handheld usb cable
50-16000-217R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-217R power cord
50-16000-219R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-219R power cord
50-16000-220R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-220R power cord
50-16000-221R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-221R power cord
50-16000-256R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-256R power cord
50-16000-257R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-257R power cord
50-16000-669R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-669R power cord
50-16000-671R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-671R power cord
50-16000-672R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-672R power cord
50-16000-678R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-678R power cord
50-16000-727R Other Accessories Power Cords Motorola 50-16000-727R power cord
BTRY-MC40EAB0E-01H Handheld Accessories Batteries Zebra BTRY-MC40EAB0E-01H handheld battery
BTRY-MC40EAB0E-01R Handheld Accessories Batteries Zebra BTRY-MC40EAB0E-01R handheld battery
BTRY-MC40EAB0E-10R Handheld Accessories Batteries Zebra BTRY-MC40EAB0E-10R handheld battery
CRDMC40XX-1000HC Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Zebra CRDMC40XX-1000HC handheld cradle dock base
CRDUNIV-40-5000HC Handheld Accessories Cradles/Docks/Bases Zebra CRDUNIV-40-5000HC handheld cradle dock base
PWRS-124306-01R Handheld Accessories Power Supplies Motorola PWRS-124306-01R handheld power supply
PWRS-14000-148C Handheld Accessories Power Supplies Motorola PWRS-14000-148C handheld power supply
SACMC40XX-4000HC Handheld Accessories Battery Chargers Zebra SACMC40XX-4000HC handheld battery charger
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
AXB-MC40XX-10 Zebra AXB-MC40XX-10 handheld service
AXB-MC40XX-30 Zebra AXB-MC40XX-30 handheld service
MSSBE-MC40XX-30 Zebra MSSBE-MC40XX-30 handheld service
MSSGE-MC40XX-30 Zebra MSSGE-MC40XX-30 handheld service
OPT-COMM-10 Motorola OPT-COMM-10 handheld service
OPT-COMM-20 Motorola OPT-COMM-20 handheld service
OPT-COMM-30 Motorola OPT-COMM-30 handheld service
OPT-EXPSHIP-10 Motorola OPT-EXPSHIP-10 handheld service
OPT-EXPSHIP-20 Motorola OPT-EXPSHIP-20 handheld service
OPT-EXPSHIP-30 Motorola OPT-EXPSHIP-30 handheld service
OPT-MC40-BATMNT-30 Zebra OPT-MC40-BATMNT-30 handheld service
OPT-MC40-STBT-30 Zebra OPT-MC40-STBT-30 handheld service
OPT-MC40XXBR-SB-2R Zebra OPT-MC40XXBR-SB-2R handheld service
OPT-MC40XXBR-SB-30 Zebra OPT-MC40XXBR-SB-30 handheld service
OPT-MC40XXFSTRK-20 Zebra OPT-MC40XXFSTRK-20 handheld service
OPT-MC40XXFSTRK-30 Zebra OPT-MC40XXFSTRK-30 handheld service
SCE-MC40XX-10 Zebra SCE-MC40XX-10 handheld service
SCE-MC40XX-30 Zebra SCE-MC40XX-30 handheld service
SCS-MC40XX-10 Zebra SCS-MC40XX-10 handheld service
SCS-MC40XX-30 Zebra SCS-MC40XX-30 handheld service
SSE-MC40XX-10-R Zebra SSE-MC40XX-10-R handheld service
SSE-MC40XX-20-R Zebra SSE-MC40XX-20-R handheld service
SSE-MC40XX-30 Zebra SSE-MC40XX-30 handheld service
SSS-MC40XX-10-R Zebra SSS-MC40XX-10-R handheld service
SSS-MC40XX-20-R Zebra SSS-MC40XX-20-R handheld service
SSS-MC40XX-30 Zebra SSS-MC40XX-30 handheld service
SWS-EMHW-0250-10 Motorola SWS-EMHW-0250-10 handheld service
SWS-EMHW-0250-30 Motorola SWS-EMHW-0250-30 handheld service
SWS-EMHW-1000-10 Motorola SWS-EMHW-1000-10 handheld service
SWS-EMHW-5000-10 Motorola SWS-EMHW-5000-10 handheld service
SWS-EMHW-5000-30 Motorola SWS-EMHW-5000-30 handheld service
SXB-MC40XX-10-R Zebra SXB-MC40XX-10-R handheld service
SXB-MC40XX-20-R Zebra SXB-MC40XX-20-R handheld service
SXB-MC40XX-30 Zebra SXB-MC40XX-30 handheld service

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