Features Include

  • Ruggedized: Designed to maximize uptime by withstanding 26 drops to concrete or steel from 2 m (6.5 foot), hot and cold temperature extremes, constant forklift vibration and windblown dust and rain.
  • Easy to Use: All models feature highly visible, easy to use aimers that make spotting bar codes fast and efficient.
  • Ergonomic: Area imagers feature omni-directional bar code reading to eliminate orientation and improve operator efficiency.
  • Powerful: 2D imagers feature VGA+ resolution image capture, real-time video, and 1D and 2D bar code scanning in a single, multipurpose device, spreading your investment over multiple uses.
  • Fast: F

    Features USB 2.0 full-speed interface to quickly transfer bar code data or images to the host application, saving operator time.

  • High Performance: The HP imager model offers superior motion tolerance and fast time to read. A combination of white illumination and Red laser aimer provide this scanner with exceptional time-to-read performance, thus saving time reading linear and 2D codes.
  • Future Proofed: 2D imagers easily read linear, stacked, composite and matrix barcodes.

The Intermec SR61T handheld scanner family meets the needs of rugged applications in warehouse, distribution and industrial manufacturing, and also supports proof of delivery and point of service applications. Featuring high impact housing that is virtually impenetrable as well as a solid state design, the SR61T scanners exceed industrial and military standards, and can be counted on for use in harsh environments where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are constants and production uptime is critical. If your enterprise requires data collection tools that are dependable then the SR61T is the product for you.

With multiple scan options, including linear, area and standard range laser, SR61T scanners allow users to configure their scanner to meet the needs of their environment – whether this includes reading specific barcode symbologies or decoding poor quality or damaged symbols. If reading bar codes quickly while in motion is critical to your application, then the SR61THP is the right choice for you. Its high performance exceptional time to decode will add efficiency to many data collection environments.

The flexibility of the SR61T family of scanners also means customers can increase productivity while keeping costs down. This flexibility is demonstrated with the ability to interface with Intermec computers, printers and standard PCs. Additionally, users may connect to many host devices supporting multiple applications including inventory management, picking, shipping and receiving, cross docking, work-in- process, tool crib, and pallet tracking.

To save time during deployment the SR61T family includes Intermec’s EasySet™ software setup tool for quick and easy configuration and personalization of your scanner system. The SR61T family can improve many data capture applications by quickly decoding poor quality or damaged barcodes. The area imagers on board image capture and video function can remove the expense of separate digital image equipment often used to document and prove the condition of warehouse goods. Users can also quickly set security options, select beeper tones and volumes, specify good read and error read responses, and make many other customizations.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
SR61T1D-002 Intermec SR61T handheld barcode scanner SR61T1D-002
SR61T1D-USB001 Intermec SR61T handheld barcode scanner SR61T1D-USB001
SR61T2D-002 Intermec SR61T handheld barcode scanner SR61T2D-002
SR61T2D-SER001 SR61T2D Serial Area Imager Kit
SR61T2D-USB001 Intermec SR61T handheld barcode scanner SR61T2D-USB001
SR61TDPM-002 SR61THD DPM Indust High Dens Area Imager
SR61TDPM-USB001 SR61THD DPM Ind High Dens Area Im USB K (EA30HD, DPM reader USB kit)
SR61THP-002 Intermec SR61T handheld barcode scanner SR61THP-002
SR61THP-USB001 Intermec SR61T handheld barcode scanner SR61THP-USB001
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
DPM1-REPAIR Flat Rate Repair fee for 8770, SR61T DPM, and 1920i DPM. This charge is for any required repair not covered by warranty or comprehensive service.
ISCAN3-REPAIR Flat Rate Repair fee for 8900LR, 8500, 8700, Granit 1280i, SR60 and SR61. This charge is for any required repair not covered by warranty or comprehensive service.

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