Features include:

  • Ideal for long range scanning from up to 11 meters away
  • Suitable for tough conditions including freezer conditions
  • Can withstand multiple drops to concrete from as high as 6.5 ft
  • Sealed against dirt and incidental water splashes
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Interfaces with other Intermec computers and terminals
  • Easy access scanning with accessories like fork lift mount and dangle suspension
  • Easy to use in freezer conditions with heated handle

The Intermec SR60 scanner has been specially designed for light industrial applications that require extra long range scanning. Thus it is an industrial strength handheld tethered laser scanner that can scan from ranges between 27 inches and 36 ft. Being tough it can withstand multiple drops to concrete from as high as 6.5 ft, can function in hot and extremely cold environments including harsh and freezing conditions, besides being sealed against dust, dirt and water. It comes with multiple interface options like keyboard wedge, RS232, wand emulation, USB etc. It can be connected seamlessly to Intermec terminals, and therefore cuts costs, enhances productivity and eases mobility. The SR60 supports the Intermec range of legacy handheld computers, vehicle mount terminals and also the new CK30, CK31, CK60 and CV60 vehicle mount terminal. It comes with various mounting options and accessories like the dangle suspension, forklift mount/holster, heated holder option for freezer conditions and more. The SR60 proves to be ideal for warehouse, work-in-process, cross docking and inventory control applications. It comes with a three-year warranty.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
SR60BL01 Intermec SR60 handheld barcode scanner SR60BL01
SR60BX02 Intermec SR60 handheld barcode scanner SR60BX02
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
123-6N3 Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Intermec 123-6N3 scanner stand holder mount
132-N3 Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Intermec 132-N3 scanner stand holder mount
203-822-001 Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Intermec 203-822-001 scanner stand holder mount
321-635-002 Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Intermec 321-635-002 scanner keyboard wedge cable
321-636-002 Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Intermec 321-636-002 scanner keyboard wedge cable
321-637-002 Cables USB Cables Intermec 321-637-002 scanner usb cable
321-638-002 Cables USB Cables Intermec 321-638-002 scanner usb cable
321-639-002 Cables RS232 Cables Intermec 321-639-002 handheld rs232 cable
321-640-002 Cables RS232 Cables Intermec 321-640-002 scanner rs232 cable
321-641-002 Cables Wand Cables Intermec 321-641-002 scanner wand cable
321-642-002 Cables RS232 Cables Intermec 321-642-002 handheld rs232 cable
321-653-001 Cables Other Cables Intermec 321-653-001 scanner cable
521-3648-N3 Scanner Accessories Miscellaneous Intermec 521-3648-N3 scanner accessory
754-816-001 Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Intermec 754-816-001 scanner stand holder mount
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
SR60B-MC1YBD1 Intermec SR60B-MC1YBD1 scanner service
SR60B-MCC3YBD1 Intermec SR60B-MCC3YBD1 scanner service
SR60B-MCC3YSD1 Intermec SR60B-MCC3YSD1 scanner service

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