Features Include

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    Features the industry’s fastest 2D imaging technology for highly responsive, dependable scanning

  • Unique, ergonomic styling maximizes comfort and saves countertop space
  • Large LED indicator provides effective visual operational feedback
  • Bluetooth® wireless or tethered (cabled) connectivity
  • Choice of imaging options matched to your scanning needs—1D or high performance 2D scan engines
  • Wide range of multi-purpose accessories increase scanner flexibility
  • Integrates seamlessly with point of sale systems, personal computers, and common software solutions
Improving customer satisfaction has long been the mission of retailers everywhere, and making the checkout process more efficient is a key area of focus. By providing highly responsive and accurate scanning at checkout, the Intermec SG20 handheld bar code scanner helps you improve the customer experience. The checkout process is all about speed and efficiency. The SG20HP features the industry’s fastest bar code reading technology, providing more than 50 times the motion tolerance of typical scanners. This ensures that all common 1D and 2D bar codes are scanned easily and consistently so you can serve your customers quicker. Unlike laser scanners, the SG20HP supports true omnidirectional scanning of both 1D and 2D bar codes. When combined with best in-class motion tolerance, this capability means your bar codes can be scanned at record speeds, at any orientation. Now, you don’t have to waste time repositioning awkward items to get a successful scan Intermec understands that a “one-size fits-all” approach to scanning can limit user efficiency and accuracy, so the SG20 family includes a range of models with different communication and scanning capabilities. Select between Bluetooth wireless for up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) of range, or the simplicity of tethered (cabled) connectivity. Choose the scan engine matched to your needs: either 1D-only or high performance 1D/2D scanning. Now, you can standardize on a single scanner family across your operation while providing employees with just the right capabilities they need for their specific tasks. A variety of matching accessories, such as scan stands and holders, enable hands-free scanning and free up counter or desktop space. Regardless of the configuration, the entire SG20 line is priced for affordability and value.
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
SG20T1D-KBW001 Intermec SG20T handheld barcode scanner SG20T1D-KBW001
SG20T1D-USB001 Intermec SG20T handheld barcode scanner SG20T1D-USB001
SG20T2D-001 SG20 2D EA31 ,Blk, corded, USB/KBW/232
SG20T2DHC-001 SG20 HC EA31, Wht, corded, USB/KBW/232
SG20THP-001 Intermec SG20T handheld barcode scanner SG20THP-001
SG20THPHC-001 Intermec SG20T handheld barcode scanner SG20THPHC-001
SG20THPHC-USB001 Intermec SG20T handheld barcode scanner SG20THPHC-USB001
SG20THP-USB001 Intermec SG20T handheld barcode scanner SG20THP-USB001
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
BB-SG20-001 Scanner Accessories Cradles Intermec BB-SG20-001 scanner cradle
BB-SG20HC-001 Scanner Accessories Cradles Intermec BB-SG20HC-001 scanner cradle
CAB-SG20-KBW001 Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Intermec CAB-SG20-KBW001 scanner keyboard wedge cable
CAB-SG20-SER001 Cables RS232 Cables Intermec CAB-SG20-SER001 scanner rs232 cable
CAB-SG20-USB001 Cables USB Cables Intermec CAB-SG20-USB001 scanner usb cable
CB-SG20-001 Scanner Accessories Cradles Intermec CB-SG20-001 scanner cradle
CB-SG20HC-001 Scanner Accessories Cradles Intermec CB-SG20HC-001 scanner cradle
HOLDER-SG20-01 Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Intermec HOLDER-SG20-01 scanner stand holder mount
STAND-SG20-01 Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Intermec STAND-SG20-01 scanner stand holder mount
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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