These tethered 1D and 2D scanners are fast, tough and customizable. They're robust scanning solutions for retail, office and light industrial environments.


This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by other handheld Barcode Scanners

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The SR31T series of tethered 1D and 2D scanners set a new standard for scanning performance, durability, and ease of use among light industrial handheld scanners. With fast time-to-read, the SR31T scanner is a robust scanning solution for retail, office and light industrial environments.

We designed the SR31T series of tethered, handheld scanners to maximize user productivity. The area imager versions integrate our EA30 or EA31 imaging engines for a level of scanning speed and responsiveness historically found in only the fastest laser scanners. Incredible motion tolerance and omnidirectional reading result in effortless, consistent scanning at any orientation.

And with an uncanny ability to read poor quality codes, the SR31T can help you avoid error-prone manual data input routines. Read codes that are damaged, partially obscured, off-angle, colored, high resolution, or low contrast.

The SR31T scanner is also available with a high performance imager that can address your scanning needs now and well into the future. Not only can it read all common 1D, PDF, 2D, and postal symbologies, it can also reliably read these codes from smartphone, tablet, and computer displays.

That’s not all. Our innovative area-imaging technology lets you do much more.

Capture real-time video and images, read multiple codes in a single scan, scan documents or ID cards, and even perform advanced data parsing routines – all with one device.

The SR31 also includes distinctive design elements that add to its versatility. Unique touches, like the over-sized LED light pipe on the scanner head, provide bright 360-degree feedback in any lighting condition.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
ISCAN1-REPAIR Flat Rate Repair fee for 1280i, 1910i, 1980i, 3800i, 4800i, 9590i, SR20, SR30 and SR31. This charge is for any required repair not covered by warranty or comprehensive service.

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