TC52-HC Touch Computer


Increase work-flow efficiency and improve customer experience by providing your employees with The TC52-HC Android Touch Computer, with new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers.

  • Disinfectant ready
  • High-resolution video streaming
  • Improved Wi-Fi speed and range
  • Powerful ready-to-use voice solutions
  • Secure messaging

Used For

  • Voice Calls Through the PBX
  • Push-to-Talk Inside and Outside the Four Walls
  • Secure Text Message
  • Mobile Alarms and Alerts
  • Medication Administration
  • Prescription Tracking
  • Blood Transfusion Administration
  • Electronic Patient Record Access
  • Breast Milk Management
  • Inventory Management (Local Floor Supplies)

Disinfectant-ready to withstand frequent cleanings

The TC52-HC is especially designed for healthcare - screw holes are covered, and crevices and seams have been minimized to eliminate places where germs can hide. Advanced medical grade plastics provide extra toughness, able to withstand frequent cleanings from a wide selection of disinfectants.

High-resolution video streaming

The front-facing 5 MP camera allows video conferencing with both patients and colleagues, in turn improving the quality of care and the caretaker productivity. There is also a built-in support for the latest positioning technology, Visible Light Communication, which provides location-based information for mapping and clinical interactions.

Improved WiFi speed and range

With support for 2x2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output technology, hospitals and medical offices can get better WiFi range and speed. Processing can be shifted from the TC52-HC to the access point which extends the battery cycle time.



6.1 inches in length x 2.9 inches in width 0.73 inches in height

Network connections

WLAN, WPAN, USB 2.0, High speed


HD, viewable outdoors


IP65 sealing, dust tight and survives jetting water

Drop Tolerance

Survives 4 ft./1.2 m drops to tile over concrete

Tumble spec

Survives 500 1.6ft/0.5m tumbles

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