Customer Service Terminals

In today’s world, many modern consumers are just as comfortable using technology as they are dealing with a real person. In fact, many young consumers prefer to interact with a digital application instead of speaking to a customer service assistant. Automated customer service terminals are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, as they provide a streamlined and cost-effective customer service solution to a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Implementing this kind of technology not only shows customers that you are a progressive and innovative company, but they also help to optimise efficiency by taking menial and time-consuming tasks away from your employees.

VisionID stocks a huge range of customer service terminals which can be programmed to your exact needs. We work with Zebra, the leading manufacturer of customer service terminal technology, meaning we can offer multiple different customer service terminal solutions for your store or business. They’ll be on the front line of your company, so are designed to be intuitive, attractive, and ergonomic.