HEATmarker® VVM+


HEATmarker VVM+ 30 is optimal for use with high stability vaccines, as defined by WHO/PQS/E006/IN05.3. It reaches its cumulative temperature endpoint in about 30 days when exposed to 37°C or in a few minutues when exposed above 40°C.

Vaccine Vial Monitor with Peak Threshold Heat Indicator

HEATmarker VVM+ was developed to monitor heat stable vaccines distributed through the Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC) where fewer cooling packs are used inside a vaccine carrier.

It provides healthcare workers a new level of assurance, in the same historic format as the traditional HEATmarker VVM. HEATmarker VVM+ visually shows whether there has been either a cumulative heat or a peak heat threshold exposure so that the healthcare worker can make the same scientific determination to vaccinate the child based on the colour change. Choose the HEATmarker VVM+ that best correlates to the heat stability of the vaccine per the WHO Immunisation Vaccines and Biologicals guidelines.

Innovative Combined Heat and Peak Threshold Indication

HEATmarker VVM+ uses two proprietary sensing technologies, including the newest threshold indicator technology, which is layered on the classic HEATmarker VVM in a highly precise manufacturing process. It reacts, looks like and is interpreted the same as the traditional HEATMarker VVM. But, at 40°C, HEATmarker VVM+ reaches its endpoint rapidly to show exposure to critical peak temperature.

Support Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC) Initiative

There is a risk that vaccines stored outside of the cold chain may be subjected to a peak temperature excursion which could cause rapid vaccine degradation. HEATmarker VVM+ features innovative technology that indicates that a vaccine exceeded the labelled high temperature threshold limit during transportation – especially during the last mile, when the vaccine will be out of the cold chain.

Lowers the Cost of Vaccine Delivery

HEATmarker VVM+ drives down the overall vaccination cost. It reduces the investment needed for cold chain equipment and supplies, while reducing the risk of vaccine freezing by enabling the reduction of potentially damaging ice packs and allowing the vaccine carrier to hold more life-saving vaccines.


Cumulative Temperature Specification


Peak Temperature Specification



11 mm

Shelf Life

2 years

Days to End Point

30 or 250 (HEATmarker VVM+ 250)

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