Barcode Verifiers

Accurate, functioning barcode symbols have become a critical requirement at all stages of the supply chain.

Especially as manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers all need to meet stringent compliance targets. Poor quality barcode symbols can lead to losses in productivity, massive shipping returns, and even supplier fines. Using a Barcode verifier during printing, application or before shipment saves time, money and trouble. VisionID supplies robust and functional Barcode Verifiers, in order to make the Print Quality Verification (PQV) process streamlined and simple, saving you time, hassle, and money. Because even minor printing errors will affect readability later down the line, it’s crucial to avoid mistakes as early in the supply chain as possible. Printing errors can affect all types of barcode, including standard linear one-dimensional barcodes, and two-dimensional barcodes like Data Matrix or QR codes. Corrections must be made at the point of printing or you may risk the entire batch or product being rejected on delivery.

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