Features include:

  • Multiple interfaces
  • 200decodes per second
  • Withstands 5 ft drops to concrete multiple times
  • Unaffected by artificial indoor or natural outdoor lighting
  • Can link 3 scanners to a single base


This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by Zebra LI4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner

The Symbol LS4278 barcode scanner is a cordless version of the innovatively designed corded LS4208. The Symbol LS4200 series is the perfect handheld scanner for those in the business environment who wish to see continuously running applications to see the bottom line secure. The LS4278 is the next generation scanner in the Symbol range of best selling laser scanners namely the highly successful LS407x series. It is equipped with a multi-line rastering scan pattern that makes the scanning of all types of 1D barcode symbologies quick and error free. It can instantly scan damaged and faded barcodes and even stacked reduced space symbology (RSS) barcodes. Motion tolerance and wide working range combined with continuous one-pass scanning, flexibility in performance and ease of use make it the best scanner to use.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
LS4278-SR20001ZZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-SR20001ZZWR
LS4278-SR20007ZZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-SR20007ZZWR
LS4278-TRBK0100ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBK0100ZWR
LS4278-TRBR0100AWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBR0100AWR
LS4278-TRBR0100BWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBR0100BWR
LS4278-TRBR0800BWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBR0800BWR
LS4278-TRBS0100ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBS0100ZWR
LS4278-TRBU0100ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBU0100ZWR
LS4278-TRBU0300ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRBU0300ZWR
LS4278-TRWK0100ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWK0100ZWR
LS4278-TRWM0400ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWM0400ZWR
LS4278-TRWM1200ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWM1200ZWR
LS4278-TRWR0100BWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWR0100BWR
LS4278-TRWR0800BWR Motorola LS4278 handheld barcode scanner LS4278-TRWR0800BWR
LS4278-TRWS0100ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWS0100ZWR
LS4278-TRWU0100ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWU0100ZWR
LS4278-TRWU0300ZWR Motorola LS4278 cordless barcode scanner LS4278-TRWU0300ZWR
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
11-66553-06R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 11-66553-06R scanner stand holder mount
12-69020-01 Handheld Accessories Mounting Options Motorola 12-69020-01 handheld mounting option
20-70774-01R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-70774-01R scanner stand holder mount
20-70774-02R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-70774-02R scanner stand holder mount
20-70777-01R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-70777-01R scanner stand holder mount
BTRY-LS42RAA0E-01 Scanner Accessories Batteries Motorola BTRY-LS42RAA0E-01 scanner battery
CBA-D01-S07ZAR Cables Other Cables Motorola CBA-D01-S07ZAR scanner cable
CBA-D02-C09ZAR Cables Other Cables Motorola CBA-D02-C09ZAR scanner cable
CBA-D03-C20ZAR Cables Other Cables Motorola CBA-D03-C20ZAR scanner cable
CBA-K01-S07PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K01-S07PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K02-C09PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K02-C09PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K05-S15PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K05-S15PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K06-C12PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K06-C12PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K07-S09FAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K07-S09FAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K08-C20PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K08-C20PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-M01-S07ZAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M01-S07ZAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-M02-C09ZAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M02-C09ZAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-M03-S09EAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M03-S09EAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-M04-S07ZAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M04-S07ZAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-M11-C20ZAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M11-C20ZAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-R01-S07PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R01-S07PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R02-C09PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R02-C09PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R03-C12PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R03-C12PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R04-S09FAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R04-S09FAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R05-C09FAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R05-C09FAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R06-C20PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R06-C20PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R08-S07ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R08-S07ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R09-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R09-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R11-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R11-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R12-C12ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R12-C12ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R13-S09EAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R13-S09EAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R18-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R18-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R19-C09PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R19-C09PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R22-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R22-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R23-S07ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R23-S07ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R24-C20ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R24-C20ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R26-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R26-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R28-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R28-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R32-S07PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R32-S07PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R33-C09PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R33-C09PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R34-C20PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R34-C20PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R36-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R36-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R41-S12ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R41-S12ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R46-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R46-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-S01-S07ZAR Cables Synapse Cables Motorola CBA-S01-S07ZAR scanner synapse cable
CBA-S03-C09ZAR Cables Synapse Cables Motorola CBA-S03-C09ZAR scanner synapse cable
CBA-S04-C16ZAR Cables Synapse Cables Motorola CBA-S04-C16ZAR scanner synapse cable
CBA-S05-S09EAR Cables Synapse Cables Motorola CBA-S05-S09EAR scanner synapse cable
CBA-U01-S07ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U01-S07ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U03-S07ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U03-S07ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U06-S09EAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U06-S09EAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U08-C15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U08-C15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U09-C15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U09-C15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U10-S15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U10-S15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U12-C09ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U12-C09ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U14-C09ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U14-C09ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U15-S15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U15-S15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-W01-S07ZAR Cables Wand Cables Motorola CBA-W01-S07ZAR scanner wand cable
CBA-W02-C09ZAR Cables Wand Cables Motorola CBA-W02-C09ZAR scanner wand cable
KT-14001-002R Other Accessories Power Supplies Motorola KT-14001-002R power supply
STB4208-C0001R Scanner Accessories Cradles Motorola STB4208-C0001R scanner cradle
STB4208-C0007R Scanner Accessories Cradles Motorola STB4208-C0007R scanner cradle
STB4278-C0001WR Scanner Accessories Cradles Motorola STB4278-C0001WR scanner cradle
STB4278-C0007WR Scanner Accessories Cradles Motorola STB4278-C0007WR scanner cradle
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
AXB-LS4278-10 Symbol AXB-LS4278-10 Scanner Service
SXB-LS4278-30 Symbol SXB-LS4278-30 Scanner Service

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