DS6707 DPM


DS6707 is EOL. It has been replaced by
Zebra DS8108 handheld barcode scanner.


This product is no longer available. It has been replaced by DS8108

The Symbol DS6707-Dp is a general-purpose handheld DPM digital imager scanner with the maximum flexibility in capturing data. It can capture images, scan all types of 1D and 2D barcodes and Direct Part Marks (DPM) including the most challenging ones like dot peen. Highly versatile, it proves its efficiency in environments that have various data types like healthcare, aerospace and automation. The DS6707-Dp achieves the right data capture at the right time, removing inaccuracies and inefficiencies out of various business processes, improving employee productivity and enhancing efficiency levels.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
DS6707-DP20001ZZR Motorola DS6707 DPM direct part mark dpm scanner DS6707-DP20001ZZR
DS6707-DP20411ZZR Motorola DS6707 DPM direct part mark dpm scanner DS6707-DP20411ZZR
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
11-66553-06R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 11-66553-06R scanner stand holder mount
20-66483-01R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-66483-01R scanner stand holder mount
20-66483-02R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-66483-02R scanner stand holder mount
20-67176-01R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-67176-01R scanner stand holder mount
20-70738-02R Scanner Accessories Stands/Holders/Mounts Motorola 20-70738-02R scanner stand holder mount
50-14000-058R Scanner Accessories Power Supplies Motorola 50-14000-058R scanner power supply
CBA-D02-C09ZAR Cables Other Cables Motorola CBA-D02-C09ZAR scanner cable
CBA-D03-C20ZAR Cables Other Cables Motorola CBA-D03-C20ZAR scanner cable
CBA-K01-S07PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K01-S07PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K02-C09PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K02-C09PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K06-C12PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K06-C12PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-K08-C20PAR Cables Keyboard Wedge Cables Motorola CBA-K08-C20PAR scanner keyboard wedge cable
CBA-M02-C09ZAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M02-C09ZAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-M04-S07ZAR Cables IBM Cables Motorola CBA-M04-S07ZAR scanner ibm cable
CBA-R01-S07PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R01-S07PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R02-C09PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R02-C09PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R03-C12PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R03-C12PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R18-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R18-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R33-C09PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R33-C09PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R34-C20PAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R34-C20PAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R36-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R36-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R38-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R38-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-R46-C09ZAR Cables RS232 Cables Motorola CBA-R46-C09ZAR scanner rs232 cable
CBA-S01-S07ZAR Cables Synapse Cables Motorola CBA-S01-S07ZAR scanner synapse cable
CBA-S04-C16ZAR Cables Synapse Cables Motorola CBA-S04-C16ZAR scanner synapse cable
CBA-U01-S07ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U01-S07ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U03-S07ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U03-S07ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U06-S09EAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U06-S09EAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U08-C15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U08-C15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U10-S15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U10-S15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U14-C09ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U14-C09ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-U15-S15ZAR Cables USB Cables Motorola CBA-U15-S15ZAR scanner usb cable
CBA-W01-S07ZAR Cables Wand Cables Motorola CBA-W01-S07ZAR scanner wand cable
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
AXB-DS670X-10 Symbol AXB-DS670X-10 Scanner Service
SCB-DS670X-10 Symbol SCB-DS670X-10 Scanner Service
SXB-DS670X-50 Symbol SXB-DS670X-50 Scanner Service

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