The Socket Cordless Ring Scanner 9M is a wireless barcode scanner that comes with a Class-2 Bluetooth radio unit that can wirelessly transmit data to a mobile computer at a 10-meter range. Additionally the Class-1 laser scanner provides superb scanning performance. The ring scanner is meant to be worn on the index finger of either the left or right hand and can be started by the middle finger or the thumb. The mobile scanner can be used in tough environments since it is highly durable and is made of exclusive LiquidMetal construction. Liquid Metal is known to be twice as tough as Titanium. The keyboard emulation software and software developer’s kit (SDK) are added features. Damaged and poorly printed barcodes are scanned with ease, and all scanned data can be transferred to all Windows programs.

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Features include:

  • Conveniently worn on index finger and triggered by middle finger
  • Scans simply by pointing finger towards barcode
  • Class-1 laser scanner and Class-2 Bluetooth radio
  • Can scan damaged and poorly printed barcodes
  • Rugged LiquidMetal construction
  • Can withstand 4 foot drops multiple times
  • Can transfer data to any Windows program
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
RS5511-730 Socket 9M cordless barcode scanner RS5511-730
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
AC4023-705 Scanner Accessories Batteries Socket AC4023-705 scanner battery
AC4027-710 Scanner Accessories Holsters/Protective Cases Socket AC4027-710 scanner soft good
AC4031-714 Scanner Accessories Batteries Socket AC4031-714 scanner battery
AC4042-1137 Scanner Accessories Holsters/Protective Cases Socket AC4042-1137 scanner soft good
AC4043-1138 Scanner Accessories Holsters/Protective Cases Socket AC4043-1138 scanner soft good
AC4044-1139 Cables Other Cables Socket AC4044-1139 scanner cable
AC4046-1141 Scanner Accessories Cradles Socket AC4046-1141 scanner cradle
AC4047-1142 Scanner Accessories Cradles Socket AC4047-1142 scanner cradle
AC4048-1143 Scanner Accessories Cradles Socket AC4048-1143 scanner cradle
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
SC1804-1349 Socket SC1804-1349 scanner service
SC1805-1350 Socket SC1805-1350 scanner service
SC1806-1351 Socket SC1806-1351 scanner service

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