Motorola DS4308


The Zebra Motorola Symbol DS4308-HCBU2100AZW (also known as DS4308-HC) barcode scanner with stand and cable offers high-speed scanning at an affordable price. It's durable, lightweight, and provides fast, reliable scanning each and every time.The DS4308-HC healthcare (HC) handheld barcode scanner is ideal for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The DS4308-HC is capable of scanning both standard and small, condensed barcodes, even if the barcode is on a curved surface, under shrink wrap on doses of medication, or printed on reflective surfaces like IV bags.he DS4308-HCBU2100AZW handheld barcode scanner features Zebra's proprietary PRZM (pronounced ''prism'') Intelligent Imaging technology. Przm delegates part of the processing from the decode software to the scan engine, decreasing processing time and allowing quicker data capture.Designed for continuous use all day, every day, the rugged single-board construction continually passes the stringent six-foot drop test. The heavy-duty, scratch-resistant tempered glass window ensures consistently reliable results coupled with maximum scan performance.Increase productivity with accurate and consistent scanning. The DS4308-HCBU2100AZW scanner allows you to scan 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes on virtually any medium. Scan on paper, mobile phones, tablets, and computer displays the very first time, eliminating the need to continually rescan barcodes.ncrease efficiency with the DS4308-HC's ease-of-use scanning pattern that allows barcodes to be read without having to align the scanner directly with the barcode image. It reads barcodes up to 17 inches away, depending on the barcode type you're scanning and boasts 100 scans per second.Have full control of the beeper and frequency tone level. The DS4308-HC is ideal for virtually every environment from noisy manufacturing plants to quiet retail stores.When in use, the DS4308-HC emits a special LED wavelength that is soft and unobtrusive to eyes, as a result it helps prevent eye fatigue and quickly and easily switch between handheld and hands-free scanning modes

The DS4308 is a feature-rich next generation 2D imager that resets the bar for scanning performance, scanning range, versatility and easeof-use.

Healthcare edition

Increase accuracy with PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology

Durable and dependable construction

Versatile 1D, 2D, and PDF417 scanner

Omnidirectional scan pattern

Ergonomic, lightweight design

Adjustable volume

Hands-free Intellistand™

Gentle to eyes

A variety of models meet a wide range of business needs - from the Point-of-sale in a retail store to the light industrial manufacturing production line. Regardless of which model you choose, you get one powerful scanner that does the job of two. The standard Range (SR) model offers an extraordinary range, eliminating the need to purchase separate standard and extended range scanners. 

The High Density (HD) model scans standard barcodes as well as the tiny, dense barcodes commonly found on jewelry tags, consumer electronics and electronic components - eliminating the need to purchase separate standard and high density specialty scanners. And driver's license parsing can be added to either model. The result? An extraordinary feature set and an extraordinary value

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