The most advanced handheld ID reader ever

The rugged DataMan® 8000 Series of readers offers the industry’s most advanced Technology for reading 1D and 2D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface, and is the only handheld ID reader that offers Industrial Ethernet communication and liquid lens Technology.

Superior Code Reading Performance for Optimum Read Rates

The DataMan 8000 Series of handheld industrial ID readers features patented IDMax® Technology and two powerful algorithms, 1DMax™ and 2DMax™, to decode virtually every type of code, every time, with unsurpassed read rates.

1DMax Technology

For 1D barcodes, the 1DMax algorithm is our best-in-class reading tool optimised for omnidirectional barcode reading that can handle extreme variations.

2DMax Technology

For 2D codes, 2DMax Technology pioneered the adoption of 2D Data Matrix coding in many industries for direct part marking (DPM) and high speed printed applications.

Liquid Lens Technology = Automatic Variable Focus for all Applications

The new DataMan 8000 Series is the first to offer integrated liquid lens Technology in an industrial handheld ID reader. The adjustable focus of the liquid lens gives maximum depth of field flexibility enabling you to use the system close up for very small 2D direct part marks as well as at a greater distance to read longer 1D barcodes, with extremely fast response times.

Industrial Ethernet and Modular Communications for Maximum Flexibility

The DataMan 8000 Series of ID readers is also the first handheld reader to offer Ethernet communication capability for easy integration into your factory network for real-time product and part traceability.

Another first for the DataMan 8000 Series is the modularity of the communication. Customers can install their readers with the RS-232/USB communication module for their needs today and then simply purchase the Ethernet module at a later date if their communications needs change. The DataMan 8000 Series interchangeable communication modules enable the additional benefit of standardisation on one reader platform.


The DataMan 8000 series is available in two models, each with patented IDMax algorithms, liquid lens Technology, modular communication and optional Industrial Ethernet


DataMan 8500

The DataMan 8500 readers incorporate Cognex’s patented UltraLight® Technology for superior image formation on any mark type and surface. UltraLight illumination provides dark field, bright field and diffuse lighting all in one electronically controlled light.

DataMan 8100

The DataMan 8100 readers feature integrated bright field illumination ideal for applications that require superior performance without specialty lighting

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
DMR-800-00 Cognex DataMan 8000 handheld barcode scanner DMR-800-00
DMR-850-00 Cognex DataMan 8000 handheld barcode scanner DMR-850-00
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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