Barcode Scanners & Readers

VisionID has aligned itself with the world's leading suppliers of barcode scanner technology.

Working alongside some of the world’s leading manufacturers of barcode scanner technology, such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell and Cognex, VisionID offers clients a wide portfolio of barcode scanners and readers designed for use in a variety of sectors such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing and transport and logistics. All of our barcode scanners are built with practicality in mind so that they function at full capacity all day, every day. Providing staff with real-time data capture whether that's at the point of sale in store, or a patient’s bedside or managing the goods in at the warehouse. The rugged barcode scanners within our collection are made to withstand the most demanding environments and workloads. We also provide barcode scanners with a varied selection of features and capabilities, such as, wireless, corded, fixed position and DPM (direct part marked). Our general-purpose scanners are rugged and durable and will withstand everyday use. We have a range of rugged scanners for the tougher environments which are available in corded and cordless variations. Whether its retail, manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing or services industry VisionID has a barcode scanner that will suit your requirements.

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