Designed for hospital, clinic, laboratory and pharmacy applications, the direct thermal ZD410-HC helps to protect privacy by leaving no record on a ribbon of what has been printed. The optional 300 dpi print resolution is ideal for printing small labels.

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The ZD410 Healthcare model offers all of the features of the standard model plus disinfectant ready plastics and an IEC 60601-1 compliant power supply. It is ideal in space-constrained areas for many healthcare applications, including:

  • Prescription labels
  • Patient record labels
  • Lab and specimen labeling
  • Patient ID wristbands

Hospitals and clinics need to print high-resolution labels for a wide variety of items, from patient records and patient wristbands to medication prescriptions and tiny specimen vials. To improve productivity and ensure accuracy, the closer printing can be done to the point-of-task, the better. But nurses stations, pharmacies and labs are often pressed for space.

Now, the ZD410-HC makes it easy to put high resolution printing right where you need it. Designed for healthcare, this printer is ready for the constant disinfecting and offers a healthcare-compliant power supply. Smaller than a loaf of bread, this ultra-compact printer easily fits on the most space constrained desk or shelf — or you can even mount it on the wall.

With its optional 300 dpi printing, the tiniest labels are crisp and legible. This super-fast printer is easy to deploy and easy to use. And Zebra OneCare service maximizes the availability and productivity of your ZD410 printers with unmatched from-the-manufacturer support that covers everything — from worn out printheads to normal wear and tear. The ZD410 — the “fits anywhere” printer that delivers high quality label printing, right where you need it.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
13833-002 Printer Accessories Printer Software/Licences 13833002 ZEBRADESIGNER XML 2
48734-120 Printer Accessories Printer Software/Licences 48734120 ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise software for 1-100 Printers
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