IS330.1 Mobile Phone Zone 1/21 MOBILE

Rugged, safe and built for any challenge! Highlights: Android™ 10, Bluetooth® 5, huge internal memory 64 GB, multifunctional ISM interface, amplified loudspeaker, SOS key, PTT-key, MCPTT ready.

The professional cell phone can be used like a radio with its programmable key - with optional PTT. So it is also suitable for special MCPTT communication thanks to its ISM interface for use with other accessories such as an RSM or PTT headsets. The Android Enterprise Recommended device is zero-touch capable and is very easy to manage via an MDM system. The powerful battery and the option of charging via desktop or multi charger complete the highlights of this very robust mobile device, which also has a good feel.


  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, light, magnetic, proximity, pressure sensors
  • Universal, 13-pin ISM (multifunctional) interface for connecting additional devices for a wide range of applications
  • High-performance, replaceable battery for multiple shift operation
  • Android Enterprise Recommended
  • Zero-touch capable
  • Management via MDM system
  • Very user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Amplified loudspeaker
  • Dual nano-SIM
  • Professional push-to-talk button
  • SOS key for loneworker protection
  • NFC access control


Operating system

Android™ 10


Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM660 Octa Core


4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory, microSD to 128 GB


2,6" (6,604 cm) Gorilla Glass V3 usable with gloves


4050 mAh, 3,7 V replaceable

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