Plastic Card Printer media

VisionID supply cards, ribbons, cleaning kits, printheads for all the plastic card printers that we offer.


Your choice of plastic card printer supplies is the number one factor affecting the reliability and consistency of plastic card printing. To get the most from your Zebra card printer, choose from an array of Genuine Zebra Supplies designed for your specific needs. All Zebra plastic card supplies are tested and matched specifically to Zebra plastic card printers, providing rich color and highly detailed printed images. Genuine Zebra card Printer Supplies meet stringent quality standards, delivering consistent results every time.

The wide range of Genuine Zebra Plastic Card Printer Supplies includes both standard and custom-made media solutions for all applications. Not only do Zebra Plastic Card supplies maximize your card printers performance, but they help minimize wear and tear on critical printer parts, reducing overall maintenance costs.

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Zebra card gives you image sharpness needed for vivid colors and detailed, readable bar codes. Poor quality cards often have uneven surfaces and burrs that reduce print quality and cause printhead damage. Zebra guarantees its pure PVC and Composite PVC cards to be compliant with ISO standards, dust free and have smooth edges, giving better print quality everytime. Minimum order of cards is 200.

Card accessories

We offer a large range of card accessories including plastic ID card holders, clips, yo-yo badge reels and lanyards.

Our card accessories products ensure excellent quality and long life. They are used in a variety of applications and companies throughout Ireland such as Large Employers, hospitals and health services, schools, colleges & universities, government, state bodies and large associations.

List of accessories:

Card/badge holders

We offer card/badge holder for all different colour and sizes such as landscape and portrait up to 95 80mm.

  • Vinyl card holder
  • Rigid badge holder
  • Double sided rigid badge holder


Lanyards are widely used in for holding cards typically ID cards for staff, visitors, first aider and students. We provide lanyard of different of different colours and up to 80mm long.

  • Low breakaway lanyard
  • Nickel free bead chain necklace
  • Pre-printed lanyards
  • Breakaway lanyard with integrated yoyo badge reel

Card/Badge reels

All of our reels come with durable retractable cords that make it easy access your cards and badges frequently without it becoming a hassle. All our reels have reinforced strap and can come in different colours.

  • Low cost badge reels
  • Yo-yo badge reel

Multi Panel ribbons

Zebra TrueColours® Multi-panel ribbons are developed with the newest technology in dyes available. Multi-panel ribbons use dye-sublimation, which means the color dye is vaporized into a gaseous state and then diffused onto the cards at the printhead station. The most common Multi panel ribbons are the YMCKO ribbon & YMCKOK 6 Panel ribbon for both the Value line – P110i & P120i and the Performance line the P330i & P430i

YMCKO Ribbon Colour ribbon (Yellow Magenta Cyan Black Overlay)

These ribbons are used on single sided and dual sided printers, they are used for printing full colour to both the front and back of the card or for printing full colour to the front only.

YMCKOK Ribbon Colour ribbon (Yellow Magenta Cyan Black Overlay Black)

These ribbons are for Dual sided printers only. They are used for printing full colour to front and black to reverse.

Single Panel Monochrome Ribbons

Zebra TrueColours® Monochrome Resin Ribbons use “thermal transfer” printing technology, a process by which a heated printhead is used to transfer a digitized image from the ribbon to the surface of the card. Monochrome ribbons can be used on all Zebra card printers. They are available in a variety of colors including black, red, green, blue, gold, silver, white and scratch-off gray.

Cleaning Kits

Clean printers mean better image quality and longer lasting print heads. With Zebra, you have access to a full line of cleaning supplies that will help maintain printer performance and
prolong the life of your Zebra card printer. Regular use of Genuine Zebra Cleaning Supplies will keep your card printer clean and extend life of critical printer parts, including printhead, transport rollers and magnetic encoders. Routine printer cleaning also results in better quality, full color card images.

Cleaning Cartridges - Cleaning cartridges help guarantee the longevity of the printer by automatically cleaning cards prior to the printing cycle. A debris free card will produce a clearer, sharper, more detailed image with no printing voids in images.

Cleaning Rollers - Cleaning rollers are installed in the cleaning cartridges. Cleaning rollers are made up of adhesive based rollers. The adhesive rollers pick up debris from blank cards prior to printing. Adhesive rollers should be replaced periodically.

Cleaning Tape - Cleaning tape picks up debris from blank cards prior to printing. The cleaning tape is a roll of adhesive lined material that is used on model P620 printer to assist in cleaning cards prior to printing.

Cleaning Cards - Regular use of cleaning cards will keep your card printer clean and maintain important parts of the printer (printhead, transport rollers, and magnetic encoder station).

Cleaning Swabs - Swabs can be used when print anomalies appear on printed cards to remove visible deposits from the print head. It is important to never use a sharp object to scrape deposits from the printhead, as it may permanently damage the printhead.


Zebra’s TrueColours® secure supplies, such as varnish overlays and laminates. These protective materials prolong card life by preventing image fading and dye-migration and reduce normal wear from handling and frequent card swiping through magnetic stripe readers

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