Barcode Label Printer media

VisionID Ltd. provides both in-stock and custom-made media solutions for multiple applications, incorporating 1,000’s of high-quality and reliable labels, tags, wristbands and ribbons. We offer a wide range of combinations which are tried and tested across the various manufacturer’s printers to ensure optimum print quality.


We offer the following label formats:

  • Thermal Transfer labels offer more durable, long-lasting results with resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Direct Thermal labels offer an inexpensive way to print paper labels, providing excellent print quality and use in a multitude of general-purpose applications.
  • Polyethylene are durable and pliable, they are ideal for packaging, offering greater tear resistance than paper. Polyethylene labels adhere well to low energy and high energy surfaces; they are also ideally suited to curved surfaces such as shrink wrap and packaging. Polyethylene labels are commonly used in the Pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and global distribution industries.
  • Polypropylene Usually have a matte finish, they are usually white but are available in other colours. These labels are tear proof, waterproof, durable and moisture resistant. Polypropylene labels are often used for barcode labels, shelf labels or even bin labels, they can be found across a wide spectrum of industries and products due to their flexible usages.

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Sizes and shapes

We can access an extensive library of standard dies for manufacturing die-cut, pressure-sensitive labels. These dies range in shape and size to produce anything from tiny, round-edge jewellery hang tags to large chemical drum labels. We can often save you the time and expense of having to create a new die by using one that exists in our vast library of rotary dies. If necessary, a new die can be produced quickly and economically.

Preprinted Labels and tags

We can preprint information - corporate logos in custom colours, company addresses, product illustrations, or standardised forms on nearly all of our materials. We can provide print to your specifications using up to six Pantone Matching System (PMS) inks and we can also floodcoat materials to produce coloured labels.


We can offer a variety of adhesives to meet your application requirements. Some are permanent; others are removable, patterned, or tamper-evident. We’ll recommend an adhesive that will work with your facestock, in your environment, on your labeling surface.


VisionID cater for all leading brands including Zebra, Intermec, Datamax, and TEC. We can insure you that using our expertise we can provide the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon for your application, available in wax, resin, or wax/resin formulations. You can be assured that when used together, our combination of ribbons and labels will provide optimal performance and can go a long way to extend the life of your printhead.

  • Wax - We can offer several performance wax ribbons formulated for high-quality printing on both coated and uncoated paper facestocks.
  • Wax/Resin – These ribbons are formulated to offer high-quality, durable barcodes, text, and graphics on coated paper facestocks and synthetic materials.
  • Resin - ribbons provide exceptional solvent resistance for the harshest environments.

RFID Supplies

RFID labels & label printing supplies for the Irish business and manufacturing sectors. VisionID provides many combinations of supplies for every budget and need including attachable, implantable and insertion tags in Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) formats.


VisionID has the right tag for your need, whether you need tags for bus tickets or steel mills, or tags that withstand high heat, chemicals, and solvents. VisionID offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer tags.


VisionID wristbands are available in direct thermal, thermal transfer, or RFID formats, deliver secure tracking as well as excellent print quality and colour-coding options. Tamperproof and secure snap enclosures provide an additional level of security and won’t fall off, fade, or smudge, even after lengthy admissions or repeated washings and treatments within hospital and healthcare environments.


VisionID provides a complete line of durable plastic cards, including cards with special security features. For card supplies, see our Identification & Loyalty section.


VisionID has the right receipt for mobile high-tech printing solutions for your business. VisionID receipts will allow you to provide accurate, readable receipts with each transaction, which ensures accurate records management, returns processing, and customer care.

Do you want to derive more value and savings from your consumables usage?

VisionID is intimately aware of the complexities of sourcing and managing various consumables. In our experience we have seen common issues constantly occurring across all industry sectors. These include:

  • Inventory Mismanagement, i.e. running out of Labels and Ribbons.
  • Long consumable lead-times which impact productivity and efficiency.
  • Uncertainty of material types and sizes which causes stocking and costing issues.
  • Mis-match of label and ribbon grades which impacts quality and cost.
  • Printing equipment/software causing downtime, which effects productivity.
  • Constant changing of print heads and spare parts on label printers due to consumable quality issues.
  • Efficiency - are you making the best use of printing equipment? e.g. multiple distributed desktop printers might be better than single large printers. Have you considered mobile printing?
  • Poor service and support response times effecting productivity.
  • Constant compliance needs in relation to different labelling/marking/ barcode requirements set by your customers or Industry, which take time to overcome.
  • Difficulty adopting emerging technology coming on stream e.g. RFID

What VisionID can do?

VisionID can formulate a “Print Plan” to encompass all aspects of your label printing requirements.

This can consist of the following elements:

  • Inventory management of labels and ribbons, and other applicable consumables, e.g. cleaning products
  • We look to reduce the number of different “types” of labels and ribbons being used by consolidating sizes and materials.
  • With consolidation we endeavour to reduce the overall cost of these consumables.
  • Provide professional servicing of printers and Tele/Web support as part of the over all contract.
  • Instigate appropriate Preventative Maintenance and cleaning schedules for the equipment.
  • Offer consultancy and support for “new” labelling requirements that may come on stream in the future.

How do we do it?

In order to ascertain the consumable and equipment usage levels, VisionID performs an On-Site Audit. This Audit ascertains:

  • Different Labels and Ribbons Sizes/Materials/Costs
  • Different Label/Ribbon Combinations.
  • Weekly, Monthly, Annually, Seasonal usage of the applicable consumables. “End Application” of the labels and ribbons, i.e. what are the labels being adhered to?
  • Minimum/Maximum Stock levels.
  • Equipment Overview, i.e. type, age, condition.
  • Equipment usage and volume, i.e. what is the equipment used for, and what type of volume is produced.
  • Existing Service and Support Coverage in place and associated running costs of covered equipment.
  • Spares usage per unit.
  • Level of satisfaction with existing service and support.

The Benefits:

  • By consolidating label and ribbon sizes and materials, we look to reduce the overall cost of consumables.
  • Where applicable, vendor managed inventory results in increased internal productivity due to outsourced stock control.
  • Total maintenance costs (i.e. spares etc) will be decreased.
  • Production downtime can be minimised by instigating appropriate coverage options and maintenance schedules as part of the over all plan. This leads to a higher return on investment for the applicable equipment.
  • Specialised printing and consumable knowledge available on tap.

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