The Future of Manufacturing

In a recent Forbes article, Bernard Marr identified the 10 biggest future trends in the manufacturing industry. Within this article he highlights the present and emerging technologies that are set to have a huge impact on the industry going forward.

In this blog post, we will be highlighting 5 of these trends that VisionID, a Peak Technologies' company, have already successfully implemented - including; IIoT, predictive maintenance, 5G, automation, and robotics (AMRs).

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

“The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), where interconnected devices are used in manufacturing and industrial settings to collect data – data that can then be used to enhance the manufacturing process”. Bernard Marr, Forbes 2023.

In the age of Digital Transformation, industries are using Industrial IoT to manufacture and service products whilst learning how they create value and engage with customers.

 At Peak Technologies we partner with best in class Industrial IoT companies such as Wiliot and PTC to empower customer to solve inefficiencies and problems that they encounter throughout the supply chain. For example, Wiliot’s IoT Pixels empower every product, every object and every ‘thing’ to sense and to fix inefficiencies and problems it encounters. From supply chain temperature tracking for perishable goods, to cold chain tracking for vaccines, smart asset tracking for any items, the possibilities for these tags are endless.

Predictive Maintenance

“In a manufacturing context, predictive maintenance refers to the use of sensor data and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect failure patterns in machinery and components.” Bernard Marr, Forbes 2023.

The main goal of predictive maintenance is predicting failures in technology based on specific chosen factors. Once predicted, manufacturers can take the necessary actions needed to prevent failures with corrective maintenance.

Gaining comprehensive insights into your devices can help you to take action before devices can fail. VisibilityIQ Foresight from our partners Zebra Technologies enables our customers to instant gain access to a portfolio of tools which can generate data-driven, actionable insights on the Zebra devices that they own. This software provides the business intelligence needed to leverage the most from assets, workers and daily tasks, in turn preventing unscheduled downtime, reducing maintenance costs and increasing device lifespan.

5G Devices

“The fifth generation of mobile data network technology (5G) will enable manufacturers to easily connect their IIoT technology and leverage the data collection and data processing within devices such as smart machines and sensors” Bernard Marr, Forbes 2023.

5G enable manufacturers to cope with the huge demands for accessing data and keeping up with end-to-end tracking of materials & goods. Peak provide a wide range of 5G technologies from leading technology partners such as Zebra. These technologies include mobile computers, tablets and 2in1s which provide huge benefits for manufacturers as real-time data collection and analysis from sensors on the production line can help to improve efficiency, impacting production speed and workforce productivity.

Companies can also benefit from an energy perspective, with 5G being a greener technology due to its ability to connect to higher speed devices without requiring more energy to do so.


“Thanks to AI, machines are now capable of carrying out more and more tasks that were previously reserved for humans. So it makes sense that machines can take on more and more manufacturing tasks.” Bernard Marr, Forbes 2023.

Automation comes with many advantages for manufacturers, including supporting the need for greater throughput, improved productivity and reduced operations costs. Implementing automated processes into your operations can also empower your business to reallocate skilled workers to more necessary tasks.

By reducing manual processes and implementing data and machine automation, manufacturers can reduce the time and costs associated with fixing human errors and can transform their processes leading to a more efficient, accurate, productive and profitable operation. Our Peak Asset Insights solution provides real-time visibility of any critical assets or process, using market leading technologies enabling manufacturers to easily comply with industry standards, track valuable assets, visualise real-time information and reduce your carbon footprint. 

In terms of machine automation, our vision systems from Cognex allow manufacturers to automate quality and inspection through extracting vital information from an image, determining how other parts of the production line are programmed and ultimately improving productivity in the manufacturing plant. VisionID also supply label print and apply technology from Cobalt Systems. With most label applications still being completed by hand, it can inevitably slow up the production line for many businesses, with these print and apply machines, manufacturers are empowered with speedier labelling processes and minimised risk of errors.

Robots (AMRs - Autonomous Mobile Robots)

“One of the key enablers of automation is the use of robots. Robots and cobots can help manufacturers achieve greater efficiencies.” Bernard Marr, Forbes 2023.

Although the idea of robotics for the workplace can seem daunting to many with the fear of a loss of jobs, these AMRs are more-so here to serve and assist the manufacturing industry and help make operations more efficient in a number of ways. For example, AMRs help accelerate throughput by decreasing manual handling and materials handling tasks by up to 50%.

Through partnering  Zebra Technologies, we have recently added Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to our portfolio of solutions. With handling being transferred to AMRs it can allow manufacturers to reallocate existing labour to higher value work, gaining back 15% of your warehouse capacity and in turn increasing employee retention.

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By visionid | Mar 07, 2023 | Blog

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