Watch: Safely Returning to the Office Webinar Recap

At VisionID we understand how difficult the last year has been for many companies, so with the shared knowledge of our network we wanted to offer advice, information, and support to our customers on how to safely return to the office.

On May 13th 2021 VisionID hosted our “Safely Returning to the Office” webinar. The event was hosted by CCO Kenneth Arthur who was joined by a panel of guest speakers. Martin Leahy, Senior Director IT, BioMarin Pharmaceutical and Avril Buckley, HR Business Partner, Sysco Ireland discussed:

  • The impact of Covid 19 on their company and operations.
  • The challenges faced and how these challenges were addressed.
  • Technological Changes and the People Impacts.
  • Key learnings from the pandemic.

While Senator Garret Ahern FG provided information on government supports and new workplace legislation (i.e., Right to Disconnect).

Martin Leahy and Avril Buckley spoke about their experience using SureTraceID. SureTraceID is used to ensure Social Distancing in the workplace through an audible or vibrating alert and enables automated Contact Tracing. To find out more click here.



While Senator Ahearne also praised SureTraceID, the use of technology and the adaptability of people throughout the pandemic.

Recently it has been suggested that some office workers may return to work quicker than expected. To learn more about the technologies we can offer to make your safe return to the office contact

Or get in touch to gain access to the replay of the full event and hear more advice from our guest speakers.

By visionid | Jun 10, 2021 | News

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