The World’s Smallest All-In-One Wearable Mobile Computer From Zebra Technologies

Now more than ever workers need instant access to important information while on the job. Without suitable mobile devices it can be very limiting for workers to complete the tasks at hand and in turn have a big impact on your productivity.

This is where we would introduce the new WS50 All-In-One Android Wearable Mobile Computer from Zebra, the world's smallest all-in-one Android enterprise-class wearable mobile computer – This device will empower you to connect your disconnected workers easily.

The WS50 is rugged, modular and at home everywhere—from manufacturing and warehousing to retail and hospitality. Its versatile design allows users to choose the most suitable mount for the job: wrist, back of hand or two-finger.

Innovative Features of the WS50 Android Wearable Computer

One piece wearable

With the all-in-one WS50, workers only need to wear one device to capture and access data, instead of a host mobile computer and ring scanner, providing a true converged wearable solution. Plus, push-to talk (PTT) support eliminates the need for separate voice devices. It also eliminates the need for IT managers and end users to manage a separate wrist terminal and ring scanner, resulting in less management burden, fewer batteries and chargers, and fewer service contracts.

Common core with modular mounts

The same computing device can be adapted to different use cases via mounts with application-specific features. With three different wearing styles—on the wrist, two fingers or the back of the hand—the adaptable WS50 is ideal for virtually any task worker in practically any industry.

Android™ OS support

This industry-standard mobile operating system provides a future proof platform designed to easily accommodate new features and future technologies.

The WS50 can be used for:

  • Picking
  • Receiving
  • Put-Away
  • Packing
  • Staging
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Replenishment
  • Inventory Management
  • Parts Tracking
  • Task Management

To find out more about the WS50 contact us at

By visionid | Apr 14, 2022 | News

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