Supporting Customers Through the Pandemic

Today government bodies are meeting to finalise Ireland’s new living with COVID-19 roadmap.

There is light and an end in sight as the rollout of multiple vaccines gets underway.

In the meantime, it is no secret that society and businesses will still experience turbulence over the next 12 months, with mass gatherings and oversees travelling all but ruled out for yet another summer.

However, if the last 12 months has thought us anything it is how resilient and adaptable, we are, and will continue to be. Technology has been at the centre of this change, from enabling remote work, virtual workouts, and Friday night zoom quizzes with families, we have been able to harness technology to give us the ability to adapt.

For the essential worker making that change has had different challenges, with several breakouts linked to different work settings, and deeply affecting our front line not all could do their jobs from the safety of their home.

VisionID wanted to do what we could to support these workers, starting by providing and supporting mobile solutions such as mobile workstations and printers for pop up test centres, ensuring our test and trace system was ready.

VisionID looked further, how could we assist in ensuring not only efficiency but safety and so SureTraceID was developed. SureTraceID is a digital wearable solution we are now offering that ensures Social Distancing in the workplace through an audible or vibrating alert and enables automated Contact Tracing which meets government requirements and minimises disruption to the workplace in the event an employee shows symptoms.

Many companies saw an immediate benefit from implementing SureTraceID; reduction on number of close contacts to a suspected COVID-19 case meant that there were little to no halts in production, and essential services could continue. There were also financial benefits such as Operational expense savings, time savings, leave, replacement and training savings and revenue savings.

Even with vaccination rollouts, terms like social distancing and contact tracing are not going anywhere, as with every vaccination administered the HSE issues an accompanying document which highlights the need to continue following social distancing guidelines. SureTraceID takes the manual work out of contact tracing and create good behavioural habits when it comes to social distancing.

Remote working also looks to continue in the “new normal”, with legislation to be introduced in Ireland to give all employees an option to continue to work remotely. VisionID can offer a number of remote solutions that will enable your business to stay operational, while maintaining social distance. The HMT-1 is a hands-free remote collaboration tool from RealWear. The RealWear HMT-1 allows those not on site, to see exactly what the end user sees in real time, enabling remote assistance and remote training.

It is more important now than ever that businesses support each other, as we try to emerge into the new normal, and VisionID will be here to support in anyway we can.

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By visionid | Feb 23, 2021 | News

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