Supply Chain Management – Make or Break – The Struggle to Share

The management and performance of a supply chain in an organization can make or break some businesses. Customers and clients today do not tolerate delays in receiving their end product and this can result in setbacks to the business. Examples of these types of breakdowns in the supply chain can be seen on the news, the most recent example would be the fast food chain KFC which suffered supply chain problems in February 2018, which resulted in a negative impact on their UK earnings.

In a recent Sunday Business Post article, VisionID Sales Manager Andrew Daly discusses how data capture technologies can improve supply chain management and reduce instances of breakdowns. By ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain by using RFID and barcode technologies it gives organizations access to real-time information and closes the gaps in the supply chain.

Read the full Supply Chain Management article to find out more how organisations can avoid the pitfalls in the supply chain process.

By visionid | May 15, 2018 | News

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